my neighbors must be crazy

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Report A20590-V3

Following are inserts of police report from the incident in apartment complex downtown

Last evening we got the call from the people living in apartment building downtown .

They had been trying to contact woman living on upper floor to them due to the noises coming from the apartment and faul rancid smell .

After reaching out to the landlord we gained enterance to the home and discovered scene of complete devastation .

The smell was over whelming when we entered the home , chairs and furniture where thrown all over the place , from bedroom we found the reason for the smell

The lady that had lived there was laying on the bedroom floor with fatal injuries to her head , no sign of the huspand could be found .

The home had layers of dust around which indicated that no one had moved around in there for longer time

We never found the source of the strange sound ....

end of report


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