Ghosts of our Own Making

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Saturday – Shadows In the Cellar

The tapping was coming from the other side of the wall, an infrequent tapping that seemed to be low, about my waist level.

Th sound was moving, I followed it to the other end, where a door stood.

The tapping stopped.

“Get a grip girl!” I said it could be anything!

It was then that the doorknob started to turn, quite slowly on its own, then began to shake.

I stepped back afoot, ready to dash back upstairs!

The door opened, and as a long shadowy figure emerged, I did let out a scream, a full-bodied, totally girlish wail that caused the figure to jump back with a startled yelp!

It was my cousin, Jesse!

We both stared at each other wondering what the bloody ’ell was going on.

“Goood Lord lad!”

I said, relieved.

Jesse snorted, then with a wry spreading smile, lectured…

“What the bloody hell luv, don’t ever greet me like that again!

I inquired, skeptically…

“What were you doing in the basement Jess? Serves you right for not knocking and coming in the front door like a normal being!”

Jesse defensively responded.

“I was at the front, but saw a small shadowy figure moving from the garden along the wall of the house! The shadow seemed to go in through the outside caller door, which by the way, someone had left open!”

He accusingly looking at me! I said nothing as he continued...

“I followed inside and found myself inside old Jacob’s workshop.”

He looked down at me, his eyes drilling into mine accusingly…

“Then you luv, started tapping on the wall!”

Whoa! I thought, before defending myself…

“I was not tapping on the wall, you were!”

Jesse shook his head!

“Wasn’t me either luv, must have been whatever creature came in from outside!”

I looked around the cellar, as did Jesse…

“So where is said creature now?”

We both went inside Jacob’s workroom and searched the cluttered space fruitlessly.

I muttered to myself…

“This sad place is getting to me!”

Jesse overhearing me muttering, asked?

“So cousin is something going on?!”

I went to the workshop door, looked across the cellar to the stairs leading up to the kitchen.

Let’s get out of this creepy cellar, go with me to the kitchen and I will fill you in!”

We had taken no more than two steps into the damp cellar proper when we both froze in step!

Above the cellar stairway, we could distinctly hear creaks as if something was slowly coming down the upstairs staircase!

We listened until whatever it was, reached the bottom first-floor landing.

Jesse pulled me by the arm…

“We had better go see who is upstairs!”


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