Ghosts of our Own Making

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The Visit

Jesse wanted to see the upstairs rooms, and so I took him on a brief tour.

Then we went into the attic.

It was not as imposing with Jesse there, and it appeared less dark also. The rocking horse behaved itself, nothing had been moved around, and Jesse had no idea either who the coloured picture of the little boy was!

We went back downstairs and into the kitchen to make us up a bit of lunch.

For now, we put our plans aside, catching up on what was going on with each other, even though we had both been at my brother’s wedding only weeks before.

But soon the conversation turned and we began discussing the house and what we could remember of Frances, Mary, and old dying Joseph.

As children, when we visited, the two sisters would try to get a hold of us to have us read the bible and such. I believe that they wanted me to think about becoming a nun, though if they felt that was such a great way to send one’s life, why had they not followed that route themselves?

Needless to say, when we visited, we stuck outdoors most of the time.

There was a path through the woods that began behind their small garden shed and ended up at the old village cemetery. It was there us three would do off to play. Th Froes Mausoleum was located there also. An imposing granite structure that loomed above us when we ventured around it. Though as we grew older, it did appear a bit less looming!

Jesse and I left the house and took the fairly long walk along that path.

Reaching the cemetery, we revisited our old childhood haunt.

It looked a bit older, the stones seemed to be tipping over a bit more, looking like so many discolored jagged teeth.

We went from there and circled the village peering into windows, chatting with people who wished to give us their condolences.

We Said nothing about Ouija boards or ghosts!

We made it back to the house for supper, bangers, and mash, the sausages being bought that afternoon from the village butcher.

We then opened up some beer that we also had bought in the village, and as we drank, talked on about the odd things occurring in the old house!

As we chatted inside, outside long shadows began their timeless climb towards the house, starting to swallow it up with the approaching nightfall.

When it was fully dark outside (not even a moon tonight) we cleaned up and started our preparations for the adventure ahead.


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