Ghosts of our Own Making

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Making a Ouija Board

Jesse explained…

“The first thing we need is a planchette.”

I questioned…

“A what?”

He looked at me, sighing that I would not know anything about such a common, everyday object…

“A planchette is the pointy thing that people lay their hands on so the spirit can speak by moving it along. We need something that would work the same way. Something old, made up of earthly metals, silver, gold or copper would work the best!”

I caught on, mentioning the silver chain that was in Adelaide’s jewel casket.

Jesse nodded…

“Perfect run up and get it”

“Not without you lad!” I said simply.

We both went upstairs.

The closet door leading to the attic was now standing, open wide, gaping.

Thought we had closed that!

As I picked up the necklace, Jesse spied the letter on the vanity and asked what it was?

When I explained, he picked it up and read it, studying the red crayon marks. He nodded happily…

“This may be something we could use to attract our spirit!”

He also suggested we open all the other doors, including the upstairs attic, bedrooms, and cellar!

Which we did, though I felt that if anything was going to visit us for a chat, closed doors would probably not prevent it from coming!


We then went into Jacob’s work area and found a small, solid copper washer that looked ancient, which Jesse strung onto the silver chain, then letting it dangle a bit, announced that it should work as a proper planchette!

Jesse than gently suggested that I should wear my dress, the one that somehow had been placed on the dress formed.

Needless to say, I balked at the thought, but Jesse pleaded a bit until I agreed to put it on.

I never could say no to his puppy-eyed looks, which when younger led me into all sorts of, Jesse and Brother led, mischief!

I carefully peeled it off the dress form and went into the water closet. I checked it over, no marks or stains. So, I then put it one, feeling a little bit queasy in the stomach as I did. But all such feelings soon passed. It was mine after all!

While I was gone, Jesse had moved the dress form to one side, setting it by the piano.

Then he had set up one of the low, small tables that Jacob had made with his own hands, one with the Celtic cross cut out in its centre. The table was placed exactly on the spot where France’s casket had been set.

To one side of the table, we sat Adelaide’s letter, and Jesse laid down our makeshift planchette upon it. On either side of the centre cross, we laid out two bits of paper we found in the nursery. On one Jesse wrote a YES and on the other a NO.

Jesse then darted upstairs and came back with the doll.

I protested, the bloody thing creeped me to no end, but he insisted, and not heeding my protests, set the thing on a chair between us!

Lighting the candles on the fan, Jesse had me kneel on one side of the table, while he did the same on the other.

We each held up one end of the chain, letting the silvery homemade planchette with its copper piece swing freely over the makeshift Ouija board.

We need to form a bond he said, and I made to take up his free hand.

No Jesse said, and taking my hand had me grab one of the doll’s, while he took the other.

“Bollocks!” I protested, but he shot me a look that told me he was being deadly serious.

All I could think of, as I conceded the point, was that we must be making a rather weird setting, and hoped no one we knew walked in on us I thought, or have anything else of walk-in for that matter.

I had had enough of ghosts, or spirits and would rather end it right there.

I then so much as told Jesse that, but he assured me that this was the best way to try and get at the bottom of it all, and the time was quite ripe, something in this house was not happy!

I looked into Jesse’s face as it flickered in the light of the candle.

He was taking this seriously I remember thinking.


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