Ghosts of our Own Making

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Funeral Prep

Rest of Sunday was spent preparing the house for three of Jesse’s cousins( on his dad’s side) who were spending the night with us before the funeral service the next day (Monday)

We quickly put away and straighten up so there was no evidence of what we had been up to the evening before.

I made Jesse carry up the dress sewing form, and the bloody freaky doll, preferring not to touch either.


Jesse called the aged home and confirmed indeed, that Joseph was still amongst the living, though his condition had not changed in the least.


Jesse’s Cousins( all girls) arrived in the early afternoon.

With the house all lit up and with people and related activity filling up our time, the house took on an entirely different atmosphere.

At one point I did remember the open attic door, and envisioned a shadowy figure sitting on the top step listening in on the gaiety and happy activity now in the house, probably quite a foreign feeling to the one used to a somber, joyless air!

But I quickly put such images out of mind and went merrily about my way.

So, nothing was said to anyone, and we had almost forgotten about the whole affair, although we decided to let the guest have the upstairs bedrooms and Jesse and I camped ourselves again in the living room.


Monday morning came up, a rather gloomy and foggy one…

“A perfect day for a funeral!” Jesse said with irony.

We roused the cousins, who all had slept quite well. No one said anything about strange noises or voices. So, it made me believe that whatever it was with us in the house, was no longer around.

With some misgivings ( oh all right then, a boatload of misgivings) I again put on the black velvet dress that had vanished from the closet and found its way somehow onto the nursery dress form.

I was relieved that I felt no oddness in wearing it, thankfully, for I did like that dress.

Jesse’s father ( my uncle) showed up early and we all had a quite delightful breakfast.


We left and headed over to the chapel.

Where soon we all became caught up in getting things prepared for the expected guests.

It was rather a sparse gathering; Francis having outlived all of the few friends and close relatives they had known.

A few people from the church family, our little group, and two more distant cousins (Adelaide’s side) who probably only came with hopes of being in the will.

But it was no secret all of the money not needed for Joseph’s upkeep would be going to the church, almost a million miserly collected pounds of it!

It was a sore point for me because... For all the work my dear uncle had done for the three, (never receiving anything other than a begrudged thanks), he did not receive so much as a pence form the will!

The Church, who in my opinion had done nothing outside being a spiritual haven for Frances Froes, was given everything!

Sorry for the rant, but I truly felt bad for Jesse’s dad, although he would never admit anything over the episode, my Uncle being of a quite kindly and no worries tye of the soul!

So, anyhow, back to the story:

It was a brief sermon, no one gave a eulogy, the priest’s sermon was pretty non-descript, especially because of the windfall his church was getting from the estate!

After the service, we all gathered in the church basement for a wake of sorts ( no alcohol of course) while Frances’s body was taken to the family crypt.

We were there probably about 3 hours when the party broke up and all the guests went on their way home.

Jesse, Uncle, and I stayed behind and helped the parishioner’s clean up afterward.

Then the three of us decided to visit the family crypt to pay one last respect, and to make sure there had been no problems encountered during the interment.


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