Ghosts of our Own Making

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Skeleton in the Closet

The Parish cemetery that was home to the Froes family crypt, lay almost dead centre between the church and Jacob’s house.

It was all deep woods around the ancient cemetery.

There was a rather well-trodden path leading from the always open side gate to Jacob’s house, nearly 2 miles away.

The path had been walked almost every Saturday by Frances and Mary to take care of the crypt where their Parents corpses lay, their two brothers were interred in spirit…

Once Mary died, Frances made the journey by herself…


I thought of that path now, and remembered the quote from Shirley Jackson’s Ghost Novel …

“ for whatever walks there walked alone”

I shivered at the thought, deciding the I would not be walking that particular path alone, anytime soon!

Frances had already been interred in one of the vaults by the time we reached the crypt.

The stone crypt had been built upon a small hill in a corner of the parish cemetery.


We stopped just at the foot of the stairs leading up to the Froes crypt.

It was as we were standing there that Uncle looked at us both and asked...

“So what has been eating you two? I know it’s not just about today!”

Jesse and I began telling Uncle our story about the strange occurrences that had gone on up at the house.

Uncle listened quietly, his normally smiling face grew somber as he listened, his usually laughing grey eyes soon had lost all their life!

He did not say a word until Jesse asked him a question…

“But Joseph is still alive dad, it doesn’t make any sense how a child using that name could be haunting the place, does it, dad?

My uncle’s face grew grim, and he looked up at the stoned stairs to the opened doors of the crypt.

“Step inside the two of you he told us soberly

For the first time, we went up the stairs and entered…

It was dark inside, aside from the door, the only light was from a back stained-glass window, the lower portion had been opened a crack by a wisteria vine that had been creeping up from the outside.

“Have to have that fixed!” Uncle said behind us as Jesse and I looked around, being the first time either of us had ever been inside.

Along the walls on either side were lined the vaults, six to a side, 12 vaults total, 9 of them with names and birthdates chiseled in.

Two did not have dates of death

Joseph, and the missing, run away Frank…

Seven had dates of Death…

Adelaide, Jacob SR, Frances, Mary, all with different dates

Jacob JR and Stephen had the same date of death,

And at the bottom was the last

Joseph, Aged 9!


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