Ghosts of our Own Making

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The Story

It took me some time to be able to write my story down, the experiences I had had while staying at the old Froes house.

Since I am not a writer (of stories) and seeing that I had already recorded the events that occurred in my Journal, I decided to approach the subject that way….

I want to start this story with another ghost tale as my lead-in…


A friend of mine while in college had rented an old house with a group of friends.

One night she was alone with the dog of a roommate, (a quite friendly German Shepard named Barron).

The dog, who had been laying next to my friend, suddenly raised its head and baring his teeth, uncharacteristically started to snarl, his hair bristling up.

Barron was looking towards the stairway leading to the upstairs bedrooms.

My friend looked over there, and as she did, heard small footsteps moving back up the stair, and at the same time, a small wisp of shadow appeared to move out of sight.

Rising she went up the stairs, as she did, Barron came to the bottom landing, and barked, causing my friend to jump out of her skin, so to speak.

My friend, her heart now pounding, started to go up, motioning Barron to follow.

But Barron refused, laying down and starting to whimper as she gave the command.

My friend at this point heard, quite distinctly, a pair of small feet and a set of larger ones, moving quickly along the hallway upstairs.

My friend went up, turned on all the lights but saw nothing in the corridor.

She also failed to find or heard anything out of the ordinary in any of the 4 bedrooms, or single loo, that was built off the corridor.

She went back downstairs to Barron, who was lying to the foot, still whimpering. S

he petted the dog, as she looked back up the stairs, wondering what it had all been about.

Later, the landlord heard of the story and confessed that the old house they were staying at one time had a small wing off the main bedrooms that had burned to the ground.

That wing had had a loft bedroom, and 3 people perished in that room, a grandmother, and her two young grandchildren.

He couldn’t ( or wouldn’t) say if there had been any previous unearthly activates witnessed by anyone.

Despite the above occurrence, that friend to this day still does not believe in ghosts but is unable to explain the experience rationally.

As for me, I used to agree with her feelings on the subject, until I had an experience of my own…


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Ghosts of our Own Making

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