Ghosts of our Own Making

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The First Night, Alone

These were all my thoughts as I stood there looking up at the dark house where I would be spending the next four days until the Funeral for Frances Froes would take place.

I would be alone for at least the first night, which had not bothered me at the time!

My uncle was away on business, and would not be there until the funeral.

My brother was still away on something called a honeymoon, the selfish prig!

Cousin Jesse had other matters to attend to and would be joining me as soon as he was able.

And so here I was, standing there in the ever-darkening twilight, thinking me random thoughts…

Quite suddenly those thoughts were rudely interrupted as I realized a light had suddenly flickered on in one of the upper front rooms, and a black shadow, unmoving,

appeared to be looking down at me from the room’s partially curtained window.

Jesse, you’re here!

I Thought hopefully, despite myself!

Jesse had asked me to come down to spend the time with him, he id not want to be alone in the house!

But he had rung and told me the night before that he couldn’t make it till Sat Afternoon, and would I be a dear and watch the house till then, alone!

I reluctantly agreed for I found the house dark and creepy, but at least Frances’s corpse had been removed from the mourning parlor, I had made sure of that.


So, now with my heart racing in excitement, I ran up the porch stairs and turned the knob of the great oak front door!

It was still locked, I pondered over for a sec…

Why had Jesse not left it unlocked if he was inside?

I then used my skeleton key and opened it.

I yelled happily…

“ Oui, Jesse I’m Here lad!”

but my words were met by dead silence, broken up as my shouts echoed through the large, fast darkening interior of the house.

The stairway to the second floor was just off to the side of the long entranceway that led into a hallway from which the kitchen and dining rooms led off.

I went to the stairway and called up…

“Hey deaf lad, didn’t ya hear me!”

I heard my voice echo a bit upstairs and through the corridor above.

I sat down my bag, and took the stairs two at a time, thinking this was no time for teasing.

It was I thought to my self, for when I reached the upstairs landing and turned towards the room I had seen the figure standing in, the door was open, but lights were now out!

I went to the door, the figure still stood in front of the window, just visible in the fading light from outside.

I scolded the figure…

“Very funny Jess! I can still see you standing in front of that window, so what games are you playin at now lad!”

I turned on the switch.

As the room was lit up and I saw clearly what was standing in front of the window, I jumped back with a startled scream.


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