Ghosts of our Own Making

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Saturday – The Master Bedroom

Next, I ventured into old Jacob and Adelaide’s room.

It was larger than the others, but dimly lit, even with the gas lights on.

The two windows that faced in different compass points were of no use on this gloomy, sunless autumn day. A shrill wind came up, whistling around the house, and I shivered a bit, the heat was probably not on and I decided to check out the basement after I was done here to see if the furnace pilot light was lit.

The room was quite shadowy.

The large four-poster bed dominated the middle part of the room. It looked like a prop from an old scary movie, with its hanging curtains!

The silent horror movie “The Cat Creeps” came to mind, and I shook that thought right out of my head as it did!

Along the west wall was an old vanity with an old large smoked mirror. On one side of the vanity was a small jewel casket( I always was fascinated by that term for a jewel case!) I opened it, mostly costume jewellery, a fine silver necklace and a set of pearls, yellowed with age made up its meager contents.

No wedding rings, but of course, she would have been buried in the family vault with them.

This thought caused me to remember a night when we were kids…

My twin brother, cousin Jesse was swapping scary stories as I listened.

One of them was about a lady who had been buried with her jewels and a grave robber had broken into the crypt to have them for himself. He easily stripped the corpse of its valuables, except for the rings.

Rigor mortis had set in, so he pulled out his knife and began to cut off her fingers to have them also.

The lady, as it turned out, was not dead but in a coma, and the blade cutting into her flesh woke her, making her sit up wild-eyed and SCREAMING!

“ENOUGH of that !”

I scolded myself, time to put all such thought out of my head, I had been looking over at the bed as if her body was laying there!

I focused my attention back on the room…

The east wall side was lined with two large chests which contained nothing more than drawers full of outdated clothing.

I turned slowly around looking at several pictures that hung from the walls.

They were all religious in nature.

One of them was the Holy Cross at Golgotha, the Mother Mary weeping at its rock base.

The others were saints with drawn-out, sorrowful faces, as they were being martyred!

I turned away from them, and spied a second closed door on the opposite corner.

I went over and opened it.

Inside was a stairway leading to the attic, next to the stairs landing was a long closet with bagged suits and dresses, looking like a row of headless bodies, body bags I thought at the time, knowing full well that they weren’t, but that was the type of thoughts the place was giving me!

I went to the stairway and turned on the switch.

Nothing happened, then I realized the door was closed to the attic up the stairs, I then could make out a faint glimmer of light just around the door’s cracks.

The wind again shirked around the house, shaking it a bit.

I suppose, now looking back, that I had been a bit daft for going up into that attic alone, but for some reason, I was drawn to it, like a moth to the flame, with no thoughts at the time as to why I shouldn’t, despite everything that had been going on since my arrival.

Rather like the heroine in the old BW ghost movies who always goes up into the attic alone, even though she knows the house is haunted!

Some of us never do learn!


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