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The Monster of all Monsters come to Earth! We will Welcome Chaos!!

Horror / Romance
T-rock Jones
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Chapter 1: Lord Chaos

Im sitting on my Throne.. I have a cup of Red wine in my hand . Thinking about the Souls I've just Burned.. I'm not the devil.. this is not Hell.. This is My world. And in my world I am Ruler.. I am King and I am God. My streets are made of Gold. The water is so Clear that u can see the bottom of the Oceans. My sky's are always Cloudy, we don't have a sun like earth.. the moon shines brighter in the day time. "Laces" is my planets Woman, and "Archs" are the Men of my world.. They are free. They shale live, they shale eat, They shall mate and they shale multiply. No sins are committed here for there shale be great punishment .. my world have a link to earth so sometimes Humans rub off on my Race of people. But unlike earth my people know better..

As I sit here and look around the throne room, watching the groups of Laces and Arch's fill every seat possible for the Judgement of a Theif. I get an idea.. an idea sooo calculating that it's burning a hole in my brain.. but I must wait.. I must wait till after the Hearing.. "Silence!!" I shout .. to some, my voice is like a loud roar of thunder. "Bring him in" and not a Second later the Doors open and behold this big Mammoth of a Monster and Imean all 8ft 500lbs of solid Muscle. His name is Sixx and he is my muscle.. . And he is holding this puny Arch by the Back of his neck and have him dangling 3ft off the ground.. he drops the Arch.. the Arch falls to his hands and knees.. he is sacred. his head is down and he is looking to the floor. He his shaking... for he knows of his sins .. "why" I ask in a Simple tone. The Arch looks up.. "My family is Starving, For we don't have much food my Lord" he replies in a shake tone..

"Stand up" I say as I remain Calm.. the Arch slowly stands to his feet.. I'm looking at this Arch and he is trembling inside. I look at the faces in the crowd of all the archs and the Laces .. most seems worried for they not like to see one of there own get punished. Others are waiting for what I say next. "U know.. before I became Ruler. My Father planted a golden Apple tree. and the tree grew to be over 13 hundred feet tall and at the tippy top of the tree sat this golden apple.. the throne, the riches, the Power.. my dad said "if u Climb this tree and retrieve the apple u can bask in all glory of this world as king.. but it wasn't so simple. See my dad gave me another option. He said "or u can use this ladder but if u Use the Ladder to retrieve the golden apple my son .. I and ur mother will be Vanished off the Universe for all eternity". "U wanna know what I did?" I say to the Arch in a calm manner.. he looks at me with a confusing look on his face and replied with a shake in his voice.. " y ye yes" " Take a look around.. do u see my Father?" He looks up at Sixx that's standing to his right then slowly puts his head down and says "N n n no my Lord'' u see, instead of climbing that tree u decided to take the ladder. Instead of the grind and the hustle u chose to take the faster rout " let this be a lession to all and to not make the mistakes I made in life, because it kills me everyday.. but today my child .. today will be the day that it kills you." "Sixx take him to the chambers and set him to flames" "NO! MY LORD SO SORRY MY LORD DONT DO THIS!! The Arch screams as Sixx picks him up and tussle him into the halls.

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