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A Beautiful Evil

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Life doesn't always go according to plan. Graduation. Medical School. Heart Surgeon. That was the plan. That was always the plan. Until he saw me. In my eyes he was just a man. In his eyes, I was just a prize. And my life would never be the same once he decided to claim it. The full novel is available for digital purchase on amazon. Follow the link in my bio.

Horror / Thriller
Eris Belmont
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Chapter 1

Some people are born evil.

Some things they do, you just can’t explain it. How can you? How, when the only way the explanation could possibly make sense is that this person isn’t human? They can’t be. The only thing that makes them human, is the genetic code within their DNA that says labels them as such. But every other aspect leads away from that.

I once scoffed at the idea of beauty being a disguise. When I was younger, my friends dragged me to the movies with them, forcing me to watch the hot new vampire movie called “Twilight.” I can still feel the eye roll I had when Edward was explaining his predatory exterior.

“Everything about me invites you in. My voice. My face. Even my smell.”

I used to mock those words. But I never knew how foolish I would be to not heed them when I found it in my real life. When I was drawn to it.

Because, well the devil does indeed wear a beautiful mask.


I snicker at the clever play on words. Of course, my dad would find the cheesiest way to celebrate me graduating college. It only took me three and a half years, but I did it. I graduated with a 4.0 GPA and my bachelors in Pre-Med. And with the grades I earned, and the internship I held at my father’s hospital, I’ve been accepted to Stanford’s medical program in the fall. My father, the surgeon couldn’t be prouder.

“Jesus James calm down.” My mother walks by him putting her earring in as she looks at him in disdain.

Claire Holter.

The epitome of a spoiled wife. My father and her met while he was finishing up medical school. They got married and built a life together. When the time came for them to make a family, however, she couldn’t.

And that’s where I came in.

I’m adopted. I was raised in a home, and when I turned three, Doctor James Holter and his wife decided to save me from a life of ruin and poverty and adopt me into the lavish life of riches and love.

“I can’t help it. My baby is following in my footsteps! Just one more step closer to your dreams huh?” he says as he comes up to me pulling me in a warm embrace.

I smile hugging him back. My father has always been nothing short of supportive.

It’s funny, the whole adoption plan was my mother’s idea, but my dad really jumped on board from the day they brought me home until now.

“That’s right Daddy,” I smile.

My mother walks away, grumbling something under her breath about being tacky, but I don’t care. Nothing she says can ruin my mood tonight. My Dad watches her leave the room before he turns back to the sign. I see his face fall in disappointment.

“The sign was of course my idea. Your mother, however, did not want that up. She says it’s too tacky,” he laughs.

But I hear the hurt in his voice. My parents are one of the wealthiest people in the state, and if you watched my mother, you would definitely see that. But my dad? He acts so down to Earth and kind, you would never think he lived in a million-dollar home. He turns back to me with a teary-eyed smile.

“I just want you to know how proud I am of you. I know none of this was easy, but you made it through with flying colors. I so proud, Sagel. So proud.” I smile back, giving him a hug.

“Thanks Dad.”

“Welcome, Mr. Holter.” The hostess smiles at my father as another employee comes to lead us to our table.

Once we’re all seated my father orders drinks for the table.

“How did you ever manage to get a reservation at this place?” my mother asks obviously impressed with the scenery. My father smiles at her, pleased he got something right.

“I saved his daughters life,” he says.

I smile at him in pride. In a few years that will be me, saving lives and changing outcomes.

“So, have you heard from the dean of affairs yet? Where will you be staying? And how far away from the hospital will you be?” My dad jumps into conversation with me about my future and his excitement. I take note that my mother picks up her wine glass and begins sipping on the champagne. She’s always hated this kind of talk. Of course, she was proud of me, but she would rather me do something simple like become a housewife to one of the millions of men she’s tried to introduce me to.

She wants me to continue this lifestyle with a man taking care of me, and not me taking care of myself. My father and I talk for thirty minutes before the urge to go to the bathroom suddenly hits me. I stand from my seat smiling apologetically.

“I’ll be right back, I have to go to the bathroom,” I say.

My father nods his head as he takes a drink and I turn away in search of the bathroom.


“And we can have the money to you by the end of the month, with an advance on the payload if we take the...”

I tune out the man in front of me. Darrell, I think his name is. He may have specified but I lost interest the moment he proved he couldn’t keep eye contact with me. I hate cowards. I take another pull of my cigarette, tapping the ashes on the tray in front of me.

It’s the same thing every week. Meetings, finalizing, finding the best plan, and implementing that plan. Things have become too routine. I need something to shake things up. Maybe another spree of some sort. Or a new toy. I smile as I think of the last one. She didn’t last long. Nor did she whine enough for me. She refused to scream. I guess she thought she was gaining personal victory in doing so. Hell, maybe she did. We’ll never know.

It’ll be years before they even uncover her body. If they can.

No sooner does the idea begin to intrigue me further does a woman walk in the back of the restaurant. I narrow my gaze. Is she a waitress?

She can’t be. She isn’t dressed in uniform. Then how else could she be back here? This place is strictly off limits to normal citizens. I narrow my gaze as I study her.

She’s wearing a tight all white dress that slips off her shoulders and some blood red heels. I take in those shapely long legs. She could be a model. She should be a model to be able to afford this restaurant. Her hair is thick and wild with curls that fall a few inches past her shoulders, touching her upper back. And that skin. A beautiful shade of caramel. But smooth as marble.

I take another pull of my cigarette and keep my gaze on her. She turns obviously looking for something. She’s lost. My eyes fall to her ass. Nice and round. Perfectly visible in that dress. I feel a tightening in my pants.

I want her.

I put out my cigarette standing from my table to make my way over to where she stands looking lost. I’m pretty sure Danny is still talking, but I don’t care. He’s completely lost my interest. I’m across the room in seconds.

I place my hand lightly on her arm, and she turns to me with wide eyes. Damn they’re beautiful. They’re golden brown that reminds me of honey. And I can see some green in there as well, all surrounded by thick lashes.

I can’t help but imagine how much more beautiful they’d be with tears coming out of them. Innocence pours off of her as she stares up at me.

“You look lost,” I say. She blinks before opening her mouth and begins stuttering.

“I-I mean... I was just-” She begins rambling on about the bathroom and getting lost in this place.

I laugh softly, making sure to give a charming smile. Women are easily flustered by a smile and polite conversation. They never suspect anything until it’s too late.

“I can help you to the bathroom, if you want,” I purr. She shakes her head though growing more and more flushed by the second.

There’s a ping of irritation in my chest at her refusal but I push it down, reminding myself that I’m in public, and she has no idea who I am.

“Oh, no it’s fine really. I can just go ask the staff, I’m sure you’re busy eating,” she says smiling at me. Her voice is warm. Soothing. I like it.

How would her screams sound, I wonder? My eyes can’t help but roam over here face at this proximity. She’s wearing no makeup and I can see the smooth texture of her cheeks perfectly without makeup caked over it. My fingers are tingling to touch her skin. It looks so soft.

“You are stunning,” I say.

The words just slip from my lips. I usually don’t compliment women so soon. Especially if I’m trying to get laid. But with her, something that I can’t control is coming over me. I want her to know it. And just as I anticipate, her face lights up with a smile that reveals her dimples. Damn they’re deep. And those cheekbones.

“Thank you,” she mumbles. I lean into her and can smell the soft scent of vanilla. I like it. My mouth is watering just to taste her.

“You’re welcome.”

She notices the close proximity of me, and I take note that she shifts. She’s uncomfortable. I make her nervous. I reach out grabbing a stay curl to test its texture between my fingers. It’s soft. And when I let go, it bounces right back into place defying all form of gravity.

I want her.

“Are you here with a boyfriend?” I ask. She giggles softly, looking away.

“No,” she whispers.

“You should let me take you out sometime.”

She finally looks up at me. Damn those eyes are beautiful.

“I-uh, I’m in med-school right now, and I don’t really have the time for...” She begins explaining why she can’t, but I barely listen. She thinks she has a choice in the matter. It’s cute. And a little irritating. But I admire her will power. It’s been a while since anyone showed me rejection. As a matter of fact, every woman begins this game by throwing themselves at me, never understanding what I truly am.

“Excuse me miss, you can’t be back...here.” The waiter trails off when I look up meeting his gaze. He’s fucked up. He knows it. I was in the middle of a conversation, and he interrupted, giving her the perfect scapegoat. She ducks under my arm.

“I’m sorry, I was just looking for the bathroom,” she says.

The waiter ignores her, looking at me for permission but I plaster on a false smile, stepping around her.

“Well, it was a pleasure meeting you, miss...?” I trail off holding my hand out for her, waiting for her to fill in my sentence with her name. And to my absolute pleasure, she does. She places her hand in mind. Her hold is timid. Just like her.



“Sagel,” I repeat.

I bring her hand to my lips, placing a soft kiss on the top of her knuckles. She smiles, pulling her hand out of my grasp and begins her descent walking back up the hall. Poor girl. To think, she has no idea the moment she stepped into my line of vision the life she had planned ended.

I grab the waiter by his sleeve, letting my monster show. I look him in the eyes, and I can see his fear.

“I’m so sorry, sir... I had no idea...” he begins but I ignore him.

“You’re fired,” I growl.

I walk away not bothering to look at him. I don’t own the restaurant, but I’m very close with the owner. The entire staff knows what I say goes.

I walk back to the table, already making moves. Donald is sitting there, shaking in his boots. I ignore him, walking to the wall where my men silently stand. I walk to Lucien, the only man I will ever trust with my life.

“Find out who she is, make her a file, and have it in my hand before I leave here,” I say.

He nods his head, pulling out his phone already making moves. I walk back to the table, taking a seat looking at Darren. I motion towards him with my hand to continue. He continues his presentation, but I hardly listen.

All I can do is imagine Sagel’s pretty little face in pain and fear.

I can’t wait.

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