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IMPORTANT:-If you have issues with a woman being intimate with more than one man then kindly swipe past this book. My book isn't edited nor do I get time to proof-read my work. "Tell us you love us piscin" (kitten) Master Ezra whispered smugly grabbing my throat making me shudder. "Tell us you that you belong to only us and this will all be over" Master Roy let out placing a kiss very close to my lips. "Y-yes I-I belong to you two" I submitted with tears sliding down my cheeks. What other option did I have ? This book is an MFM DARK ROMANCE

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This books deals with abstruse topics like dark love, abuse, violence and is suitable for mature audience only, if you are uncomfortable with the above than kindly swipe past this book.

Veronica, a girl suffering from selective mutism who was sold to a WHORE HOUSE by her parents at the age of sixteen to settle a debt, at the age of sixteen she was forced to work at Cartels and get tortured, sexually assaulted by men triple her age until one day when she came across the 'Donovan brothers'

They are cruel, killers and their one glance are enough to make a person cry to death. Owning multiple cartels, selling drugs, smuggling weapons are few more things they do other than owning the " Donovan enterprises"

They are the most trusted knights of the kings who rule the HIGH TABLE.

They are known as the Crnobog and Huehueteotl of the underworld.

What will happen when they discover an 18-year-old redhead girl with emerald eyes caught in human trafficking?

Will they help her or make her life more worse if that's even possible.

They call her their piscin.

Between all this, one thing was ascertained,



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