Daunting Doors

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Moving always comes with brand new life changes. But for 16 year old Elvira, she never imagines that this change could be a whole new world. Set in a small town in California, an urban legend becomes this teenager’s reality real fast. Maybe her obsession with the supernatural isn’t so glamorous after all.

Horror / Adventure
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Chapter One

For the fourth time in one day, I stared at the two barred doors that stood at the end of the hall. I felt like I was living in those scenarios that give you a choice between two doors and the wrong door leads to death. It was weird though, I could have sworn that the number of doors that exist change every day. Yesterday, I saw three of them. But today, there's only two. I asked my mom to check too, but she said I was going crazy. Maybe I was. Ever since we had moved to this creepy cottage in the middle of nowhere in California a few days ago, these doors were all I could think about. When we first bought the small house, the relator said that these doors had been locked for as long as she could remember.

“Are these two doors used for storage purposes?” my mom asked the realtor.

“I’m not sure. Funny story actually- these doors have always been locked like this. No one really knows why or how to unlock them. There's actually an infamous urban legend that’s spread around in this town that the doors are home to time portals to different worlds. Crazy, huh? They would definitely be great storage units though,” the realtor chuckled nervously.

“No way, Elvira here loves those supernatural things. Kids, you know?”

Their voices faded into the background while my eyes snapped up to look at the doors. My mom was right, I was a sucker for the supernatural. I’d have to try to get inside those doors soon... there was definitely a story behind them.

“Elvira!! Your dad and I are going on our date night now, the babysitter’s here! Come meet them,” my mom yelled from downstairs. I took my eyes off the doors for now and went to greet the babysitter. I’d told my mom that I didn’t need one, I was 16 after all. But apparently she still doesn’t trust me to be alone.

Rushing downstairs, I trip over one of the steps at the end and bump into a wall. I slowly back up to fix myself before I finally look up. I find that there's a boy who seems to be near my age standing there looking over at me.

“You okay?” he asked me, smiling slowly. “I’m Ash.”

“H-hi! Yeah, I’m Elvira,” I replied.

“So what do you want to do?”

“I was actually thinking about trying to open the doors in this house,” I blurted out. Oh no, he’s going to think I’m so weird.

He laughed. “I don’t think you’re weird.” Oh god, I must’ve said that out loud. I looked at the ground, shamefully. “You mean the doors from the urban legend? I didn’t realize that those were inside this house, can we look?” he said eagerly. His stormy grey eyes suddenly gleamed. I grinned, it was nice to see someone as excited about them as me.

“Hell yeah, come on!” I responded with excitement, motioning behind me while I ran up the stairs.

“It’s cool that your so excited knowing that the last person to go in died in there. Most of my friends-” he came to a stop as he realized that I had stopped in my tracks and turned around to stare at him. “Elvira?”

“I’m sorry... you said they d-died?” I stuttered after my mouth was finally able to form words.

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