The Fallen - Malachi

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Satan wants a Nephilim (a half-demon half-human child) to use in his war against Heaven. For this to happen he needs a demon to impregnate a human virgin and he has targeted Catherine (Cate) Elson. Malachi is the demon chosen for the position, and he is quite fond of all the perks that come with the job. Catherine is a pretty girl and Malachi can think of worse ways of spending his hours than in bed in a beautiful mansion, wearing a beautiful body lying with a beautiful woman. There is only one problem, birthing demon Nephilim is fatal to humans. Desperate to save Cate, Malachi turns to Heaven for help but will they aid a Fallen Angel?

Horror / Erotica
M Cobbett
4.5 17 reviews
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Chapter 1

Cate (Catherine) Elson, was off for a night on the town with her best friend Shania. The girls spent hours getting ready, singing, dancing and drinking. They were already well on their way to sloshdom by the time they got into the first bar. A shot of tequila in there, and another in the next bar and so on. By the time they reached the nightclub at the end of Main Street, they could barely stand. They were, in fact, so drunk the bouncer was about to refuse them entry when a voice behind them said, “I’ll vouch for them.”
“Yes, Mr Chianeon.”
“Thank you...” Cate said, turning to see who her benefactor was. She had to look up. The man was huge, easily six feet four, compared to Cate’s five feet exactly. By the time Cate had dragged her eyes up his muscular torso encased in a shimmering white shirt, to his face, her eyes widened. Her benefactor was beautiful and smiling at her. Green eyes, chiselled jawline, tanned skin, short, wavy dark blonde hair, perfect lips.
“Never let it be said that I stopped a pretty young lady from enjoying herself,” Mr Chianeon said with a slight smile that seemed to make Cate’s heart quicken its pace. It came to an almost abrupt stop when she realised he had both his arms around two incredibly beautiful blonde women.
'Oh well I never stood a chance with him anyhow,’ she reasoned in her mind as she said thanks once more and made her way inside the club.

Cate danced for about an hour after going deliberately onto soda water to try to sober up. Sober water, her mum called it. Mr Chianeon was sat in a booth with a group of people, flanked on either side by the two beautiful women, and somehow her eyes kept dragging themselves back to him and each time they did it appeared he was looking right back, even while he was nibbling on one of the blonde woman’s ears and had his hand in a place that it shouldn’t be in public, his eyes remained firmly on Cate.
Shania kept looking over at him as well, she even waved once, but he didn’t acknowledge her. Shania was a pretty girl with a perfect pout, long dark luscious locks and huge dark eyes which she always accentuated with plenty of eye-shadow and false eyelashes. She wasn’t accustomed to being ignored, especially not in favour of her pretty, but not as attractive as her, mousy-haired friend.
“He’s out of your league,” Shania said, spitefully, as she shrugged her shoulders. If she couldn’t pull his attention away from Cate, then she would do her damnedest to draw her attention away from him, belittling her would do the trick and if it didn’t, there were other ways.

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