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Night Hawk Files II

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Another dark trilogy of twisted tales all the way from Bristol to East London with the Night Hawks hunting guild. Nathan is sent out to scout a Hell Mouth in Bristol. The security team watch videos around Bristol when they notice something strange going on in an underground parking lot. Eurus gets mysterious calls at her house from an old enemy.

Horror / Thriller
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Hell Mouth

Hell Mouth


I’ve been watching this Hell Mouth for quite some time now. Something is trying to open it. We haven’t figure out who it is yet. The boss believes that Mam is behind this. I don’t really know. They are rather neat and precise with their work. But this… It feels more primal. Almost like they are looking for this Hell Mouth but don’t have the means to find it.

I don’t know. We have been watching it for the past five weeks and nothing has happened. That still doesn’t put me at ease. Think of the calm before the storm. Right now, I am sitting in café near Brandon Hill. I can see it out the window right now. Mina says it is here.

“Look here,” she told us last night. She pointed to her screen. Dan and I came around for a look. A small red dot started blinking and pulsing.

“That’s it?” I asked.

“That’s what it says,” Mina said. The tech support has been working as hard as the hunters. I don’t think some of them have been sleeping. I caught Viv sleeping in front of her computer the night before. I had to shake her awake on the shoulder.

“Viv,” I whispered in her ear. She sat back with a jump. I took a step back.

“You okay?” I asked. Viv quickly nodded.

“Yeah, yeah,” she said. We all have been working hard. Now, it’s come to this.

What are we going to do with this Hell Mouth? I wasn’t given any orders after that. So far, I am to keep watching them tonight.

Okay, I know what you are thinking. What the hell is a Hell Mouth? I will tell you. On the surface, it’s just as it sounds. It’s a location that leads to Hell. I know that you are smart enough to know that it would not be a good idea to try and open one of those things. But yet…

My phone started to ring.

Excuse me.

“Hello?” I asked. “Yeah, I’m here. Nothing’s happened yet. It’s pretty quiet here.” I looked around.

“Too quiet,” I said. “Hm? I’m on it. I will. I will. Thank you, goodbye.” I hung up my phone and shoved it back into my pocket.

Now where was I?

Ah, yes. The Hell Mouth. Just like the rest of the paranormal, no one seems to notice it. Alisha has told me that she has heard the sounds.

“It creeps me out,” she told me last night. Her condition plays into our favor. She can see the paranormal. All while staying in the crowd, of course.

I took a sip of tea.

I rubbed my forehead. Time is running out for us all. It can’t be stressed enough. Trust me, I know. I am remined every night. The question remains of when. The boss says it will come like a thief in the night. We will not be ready for this.

A waitress walked up to my table.

“Are you ready to order?” she asked.

“I don’t have much of appetite, thank you,” I said. “Could I have more tea?”

“Yes, sir,” the waitress said. She turned and walked away. I leaned back in my chair. Anyway, there has been that damned clock online. The numbers keep ticking away. But lately, it’s been going faster. Just by the milliseconds. So far. That’s not the only sign either.

I looked around for a moment before leaning in.

It’s been making noises for the past five days. Are you familiar with the sky trumpets? No? Let me show you.

I pulled out my phone. I hit play on the video.

“This was taken about 2007 in Colorado.”

The video showed an empty field. The cameraperson looked left and right for a moment. This had to be about in the middle of the afternoon. Suddenly, a siren-like sound filled the air. Only, it sounded higher pitched, almost like a wailing trumpet.

“What the hell was that?” the cameraman said.

“Excuse me,” someone said behind me. I turned around. A woman in her thirties eyed me.

“Can you please keep it down?” she asked. “Your video is too loud.”

“Sure,” I said, nodding. “Sorry about that.” I turned off the video and shoved my mobile back into my pocket.

“Cheers,” the patron said. I nodded again.

Anyway, that same noise has been blaring around the park at three in the afternoon every day. Everyone is starting to take notice now. Yes, not just us. Everyone notices but go back to what they were doing. I don’t know how to take that. I know ignorance is bless but god damn. Ignoring this worries me. We’re sitting on a time bomb.

I took a drink of my tea.

I apologize. This is all just so frustrating. We don’t know anything about who’s looking for the Hell Mouth. But it’s calling out for someone to open it. I will have to go out and find where it is. But Brandon Hill is pretty big. We wouldn’t know where to start. The tech support is working around the clock to pinpoint the location. It’s just more work on their part. I feel so useless right now.

I’m so sorry. There’s just… There’s just so much going on. I buried my head in my hands. My phone rang again.

Excuse me.

I pulled out my phone.

“Hello? Yeah, I’m still here. Nothing’s happened yet. How about you?”

The waitress walked up to my table with the teapot. She refilled my cup. I lowered my phone.

“Thank you,” I whispered. The waitress turned and walked off. I took a sip of tea.

“Sorry about that. What did you want? Okay. Do you want me to go right now? Alright. Alright. Thank you. Goodbye.” I hung up my phone and shoved it back into my pocket.

That was the boss. I’m on the move again. I looked around at the slow night in the cafe around me. There was only three people now. Me leaving is going to make it two. I finished off my second cup or tea and stuck my arm up in the air.

“Check, please?” I asked. The waitress noticed me and walked over to the counter.

I am just to report to Hell Hole. My partner is already on his way. I have no idea what we are doing when we get there. I think the best we can do is go down there and report everything that we see. I am armed, of course. I can’t pull it out here. This is a public place. Yeah, yeah there aren’t many people around.

I smiled as the waitress came back with my bill.

Excuse me.

I walked up to the counter. It didn’t take long for me to pay the bill. The man behind the counter gave me my change. I put up my hand.

“Keep the change,” I said. He put the change back in the cash register.

“Have a good night,” he said.

“You too,” I said. I walked back to my table and picked up my bag.

It’s been nice talking to you. But before I go, I have one piece of advice for you. Get out of Bistrol before it’s too late. Why? Because time is running out for us all. Japan is always becoming ground zero. It’s a matter of time before it hits Europe. We are fighting it off as long as we can. It is not going to hold. The boss knows this herself. Me? I will be staying here with the others to fight. We will keep fighting as long as we can. I don’t know if I will survive this or not. But you still have chance. Where will you go? That is up to you. Just don’t stay here.

I bowed my head.

I bid you good night. I might or might not survive tonight. I doubt that I will ever see you again. So, it was nice talking to you. And please get out of Bristol. We might be able to stop what is coming but I’m not holding my breath.

Truth is, I have a better change of surviving all of this than you do.

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