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Jamie and Jennifer are sisters . Jamie is free spirit go with the flow type of gal. Jennifer is just the opposite, party girl always the highlight of the party. Jamie was about to start college in the fall and Jennifer was moving to New York City to start her career.. The girls decided to go on one last vacation together before they start a new chapter in their lives. The cabin, where they spent there childhood summers is the perfect place to unwind . The cabin has so many memories with there family over the years ,and this time it's just gonna be them. The memories they make on this trip will be nothing like before. The sisters will realize what the true meaning of life or death will be. This will be a trip a of a lifetime....

Horror / Thriller
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Phone Call

"YES MOM" Jennifer, yelled down the stairs to her mom . Her mother just asked her if she had talked to her sister Jamie about the final plans for the trip. "Jennifer honey, You dont have to be nasty to me" Her mother said. "I'm sorry mom, but you already know we talked". She sarcastically said.. ."I'm so happy for the both of you."Her mother exclaimed.

Jamie walked in and asked Jennifer "have you seen my bathing suit"? Jennifer laughs and says "you are actually gonna wear a bathing suit?"You definitely need some sun on those pale legs of yours" she smirked. Jamie comes back with a rude response"at least my legs dont look orange from the Fake tan". "Girls" their mother chimed in , "Be nice"

7:30 PM, The phone rings. "I'll get it "Jennifer jumps up in a hurry. Jamie rolls her eyes, she hears Jennifer whispering on the phone. 5 minutes go by and Jennifer hangs up she has a big smile on her face ."Oh Jamie" , she sings. Jamie looks back at her , "Come here my lovely sister" Jamie knew there was something to it. Jamie replies "Yessss" she hopped up off the couch and Jennifer motioned her to come in the dining room.. Jennifer put her hands around her neck and was jumping up and down up in excitement. Jamie already knew it had to be some kinda devilish scheme she was trying to conduct. "SO listen there might be a change in plans " Jennifer whispered. Jamie looked at her in disgust, but she listened , "Greg and Mark want to come with us"Jennifer exclaimed. Jamie started to shake her head No. Jamie already started to regret even thinking about a trip with her sister, she thought it would bring them closer but apparenty Jennifer had other plans. "JAMIE" Jennifer said, it" will be fun"

"ARE YOU SERIOUS ?" Jamie asked ,"This is suppose to be about us, me and you having our last sisterly moment before we left to do our own thing. " Jennifer couldn't stop jumping up and down, all she was worried about was Greg and Mark."Lighten Up" Jennifer hissed , "YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE ".

Jamie marched to her room, she was distraught that her own sister couldn't leave the guys alone to enjoy the trip they had been planning for 5 months now. Jamie sighed , she was beyond pissed, she thought to her self the words her sister said "YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE". Jamie started to smile to herself maybe Jennifer is right , Jamie is just gonna go with the flow. But still doesn't mean she is liking the idea. Two guys she meet briefly about a month ago, she remembered them but nothing was spectacular about them. Well , I guess it was a lil comforting to know that her and her sister wouldn't be alone in the woods in a cabin. It was getting late , Jamie looked over her bags one more time before she layed down. They had to leave early in the morning in order to get there at a decent time, they want to get some use of the lake before it got dark. 4AM is the planned time they were gonna leave. Jennifer knocked on the door, "Yeah" Jamie yawned.Jennifer came in and sat on her bed, " It's only " she said .Jamie cut her of " dont worry bout ". Jamie smiled at Jennifer and repeated her words "YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE " now get out of my room and go to bed 4am comes early..

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