Movie Night with a Catch

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They just wanted to watch a movie like old times, but what happens when they get something a little less fun?

Horror / Thriller
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Short Story Part 1

The killings never stopped. The cops tried to catch the killer, but he was always just out of reach. It was always teenagers, 17 year olds to be precise. It didn’t matter what gender they were, as long as they were 17, the killer would get to them eventually. You never knew what day would be your last, so every 17-year-old out there was living their life to the fullest. This time the killer got a group of girls that were going to Smitty’s to see Mickey Mouse Fun House.

“Hurry up you slow people! Come on…” Jazmin whined. Mal, Bri, C.C and Liley were going the speed of a turtle in Jazzy’s eyes. “You walk like my 78-year-old grandmother!” The girls looked back at her with raised brows.

“ Really? That’s the best you got? First of all, I am not a grandma and certainly not 78. Second of all, we have thirty minutes until the previews even start since you were worried we would miss them.” Mal reassured Jazmin with some of her motherly knowledge.What she said was true. Jazmin was stressing and was shoving the other girls out the door almost 20 minutes before the movie even started.

Jazmin always liked to see the previews to the movies they saw. When they got into the front lobby of Smitty’s, Jazmin saw a freaky looking guy at the counter that was looking at the girls like he was waiting for them all night. They got up to the counter to buy the movie tickets.

“Hello, Can we please get 5 tickets to see Mickey Mouse Fun House, and a large popcorn with lots of butter. Thank you!” Mal told the guy what we want for candy and drinks, the guy was looking at her the whole time with a wierd, creepy look on his face. Jazmin felt uneasy with the guys stare and looked away from the creepy guy.

The girls paid for everything and went to the theater that was playing Mickey Mouse Fun House. We sat at the very back of the theater.“That guy gave me the creeps. Anyone else?” Jazmin told the girls in worry. Maybe she was just over exaggerating, maybe he wasn’t looking at her like she was a piece of meat. Maybe he was just trying to do his job.

“He gave me the creeps too. I felt like I was being watched.” Mal replied. If Mal had gotten the same feeling as Jazmin then she knew something was wrong. Mal never got these kinds of feelings she always saw the best in people even the ones where you could clearly see that they were creeps.

“Me too!” Bri, Liley, and C.C all said at the same time.

Jazmin knew we had to stay away from the creep, but before she got the time to voice her thoughts the movie started and everyone looked and the big screen in front of them. Jazmin didn’t feel like watching the movie anymore, all she could think about was the creep at the counter. To help with her anxiety, she took a long drink of her Sprite. The drink burned on the way down her throat, but Jazmin was glad for the distraction.

“That movie was so good I hope they make another.” Bri said excitedly. The girls nodded in agreement. As the girls walked out of the theater, the same guy from the counter was outside of the door. He looked at Jazmin and the girls and went to grab Jazmins hand. Before he could touch her, she jumped back away from him.

“I’m not going to hurt you. I just want to let you all know that you won a free gift card to Smitty’s, its just in the back. Why don’t you all come with me?” The creepy guy said. Jazmin was about to say not because she got a horrible vibe off him, but before she could Bri, Liley and C.C start to scream and run down the hall to where the creepy guy says our gift cards are.

Jazmin and Mal ran after Bri, Liley and C.C. They went into the little room and looked around to find that it was a big storage closet with a vent on the ceiling and a big door in the other wall that Jazmin could barely make out. Jazmin had a terrible feeling about this so she turned around to give this guy a piece of her mind when she saw the last of the light fade from the dark room.

“Bri, Mal, Liley, C.C. Are you all okay?!” Jazmin screamed at the top of her lungs. She could feel the adrenaline start to move swiftly through her veins.

“Ya we’re all okay!” They all yelled together. Jazmin went to the area where the fist door they came in through was and started to scream and pound on the door.

She started to feel something cool come down on her shoulders. She looked up to see the vent spilling out foul smelling air. “Everyone cover your nose and mouths. They’re trying to knock us out!” The girls all did as they were told and quickly covered their noses and mouths with their shirts and sweatshirts. But, it wasn’t enough. The foul air still got down their throats and into their lungs. One by one, the girls started to drop to the ground unconscious.

Jazmin willed herself to not fall into the darkness. She saw the secret door open to see the same creepy guy lifting the girls into a black van that you only saw in the movies when the girl gets kidnapped, then their parents and friends never see them again. Jazmin couldn’t move her arms, legs or anything for that matter. All she could do was try to keep her eyes open and hope that she didn’t go into the darkness that threatens to swallow her.

In the end it wasn’t enough, she felt the creepy guy hold her and put her in the van. When he closed the door, she closed her eyes and fell into the darkness. Never to know if she would be pulled out or if she would have to make the darkness her new home.

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