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Movie Night with a Catch

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Short Story Part 2

All she could see was darkness, she knew she had to get up, to help her friends but she would have to help herself first. Slowly she started to feel each part of her body come back from the deep sleep that it was put in. When her body was half awake she could feel the metal bottom of the black van she was put in. The girls were on a very bumpy road, maybe a dirt road?

Jazmin looked around and saw Mal, Liley, C.C, and Bri. She tried to move her foot but got pins and needles as soon as she did. Her foot had really been asleep that long? She tried to move her foot more to reach out to Mal that was closer to her than any of the other girls were. Ignoring the pins and needles going up her legs she nudged Mal in her shoulder.

“Mal, Mal, Mal, Mal? Wake up!” Jazmin whisper yells .

She nudges Mallory again. Mallory finally starts to wake up. Mal looks at Jazmin and then around the van that they were in. She looks back at Jazmin but before she could speak Jazmin put her hand on her mouth and put her finger to her lips, telling Mal not to talk.

“Wake up the others and tell them that when the van stops they have to act like they are asleep. When he goes to take me out I will yell for them to go, I will fight him and let you guys get a chance to run, don’t worry though I will be right behind you ok?” Jazmin whisper to Mal. She nods her head and starts to wake the others up one by one. Covering their mouths and telling them what Jazmin told her. They all look at Jazmin and nod their heads. Jazmin nodded back and positioned herself so she was in front of all the others.

They were making it to their 18th birthdays even if that means that Jazmin has to sacrifice herself to save them.


Everyone got back down on the bottom of the van, they were trying to be calm but Jazmin could see their tension in their muscles. They were ready to run when Jazmin yelled the signal.

The van came to a stop, she heard the driver side door open, then slam shut. She could hear the boots crunch on the dirt coming straight for the back doors. Jazmin tensed up ready to jump. The back doors open and Jazmin flies out and flies right into the creepy guy, punching wherever she could.

“RUN!!!” Jazmin screamed. The other girls fly out of the van and start booking it for the tree line when they get there Mal looks back and waits for Jazmin who has gotten up and started to run towards the tree line with the creepy guy hot on her heels.

“GO, RUN!!!” Jazmin screams at Mal. Mal runs into the forest when Jazmin is right behind her. Jazmin picks up a rock and chucks it at the creepy guy, making him fall unconscious with a hit to the head with the rock. The girls run as fast as they can. Running for their lives, and running for their freedom.

Mal and Jazmin can see Liley, Bri and C.C up a head and they run even harder through the thick foliage. They catch up to the other girls. Jazmin looked back to see if the creepy guy was following them. Luckily he wasn’t, the girls ran faster into the thick woods.They ran and ran until they couldn’t feel their legs anymore.

“I have to stop, I can’t feel my legs anymore and I think I might pass out.” Bri panted as she sat down on the nearest rock that she could find. Jazmin couldn’t argue with her, her legs felt the same way but she really wanted to run as far as she could away from the creepy farm house and the creepy dude who kidnapped them.

“Ok, we can stop but only for a little while, then we have to start walking again. I just want to get out of here and back home.” Jazmin said to everyone. She was scared, tired and even though she had her friends with her she felt lonely. She felt like she had no one to take care of her, she had to take care of the other girls. She had to be strong for the other girls but she didn’t have anyone being strong for her.

After a little while of resting she finally got the other girls to get up and start walking again. Their footsteps could be heard for miles with the dead leaves and the sticks crunching under their shoes. They didn’t know where they were going, so they chose to walk forward into the forest and hope that they were going the right way and back to their families.

After hours of walking the sun had finally gone all the way down, so now all they could do was wait until morning to start walking again.

“The rest of you go to sleep, I will stay awake and watch out for any animals.” Jazmin told the girls after they all got comfortable on the ground. Bri, Liley, C.C and Mal were all huddled up next to each other on the ground to stay warm. Jazmin didn’t need to huddle with them because she was always naturally warm, even in the middle of the winter she would still be wearing shorts and a tank top.

The girls nodded and went to sleep. Even if she tried, Jazmin knew she wouldn’t be able to sleep when she knew someone was out there trying to catch them. So why not keep watch?

Jazmin had always been the one to protect the group. She was always the one to protect them from anything that might cause them harm. It was just who she was, she needed to protect the ones she held most dearest to her heart. If she couldn’t do that, then what was she put on this earth to do?

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