Movie Night with a Catch

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Short Story Finale

As the girls all move through the forest Jazmin can’t help but notice, the other girls are starting to give up hope. They think that they will never get out of this godforsaken forest. But I will get us home. Even if it’s the last thing I do.

I am managing to get berries and other foods from the forest but they are getting lesser and lesser the more we go further into the forest. Jazmin can’t keep the others fed most of the time. Sometimes she gives her share to the others. Every day they walked, ate and slept. That was what they had to do to survive.

“ Do you think we will make it back to our families?” Mal asked Jazmin.

“ Of course we will! I won’t let anything happen to any of you, you got that?” Jazmin reassured Mal. She didn’t know if it was the right thing to do to get their hopes up but at least they still had hope.

Jazmin didn’t have any left, she was just faking it for the others. Who would have hope after going through all this, who would be able to make it out alive.

Jazmin and the other girls walked more into the woods, each night jazmin would stay up as long as she could to protect the others from the creatures of the night. She’s becoming weaker by the day and Mal is starting to notice.

“Jazmin do you want to rest for a bit, you look exhausted?!” Mal quietly asked Jazmin as to not worry the other girls. They already have enough to deal with right now, they don’t need to worry about whether their hopes are false and if they will ever see their families and be able to do the things that they use to be able to do.

“ I’m fine we just need to keep walking, the sooner we get away from that god damned creep the better I will feel.” Jazmin whispered back.

Mal could tell something was wrong but she let it go. She knew Jazmin would not stop until she was dead to get the others away from the jerk that kidnapped them.

They walked for a few more days before they started to hear cars in the distance, the girls were so excited that they started to run towards the noise.

“Oh my god!! Guys we did it, we made it out of that god damned forest and away from that god damned jerk who kidnapped us!” Bri yelled back to Jazmin and Mal. The rest of the girls laughed but Jazmin had this feeling, it was almost like to run away from the noise and not run to it.

“ Hey guys I don’t have a good feeling about this, I don’t think we should be going towards it.” Jazmin said wearly.

“How could you say that?! This could be our only chance to go back to our families and to lives that we had, how could you say you don’t trust this?” Bri said. Jazmin knew she had a point,but she couldn’t get rid of the feeling that they should be running away, that they should be going the opposite direction.

“ No we shouldn’t, I have a feeling that we should be going the opposite direction. I trust my gut.” Jazmin said in defence. Bri didn’t even look at her before she started running towards the noise. The rest of the girls ran after her to stop her. The more jazmin went towards the noise the more the feeling became unbearable, but she couldn’t just turn around and forget the other girls. She had to go after them and try to get her reasoning through their thick skulls.

Jazmin could see Bri up ahead, she was looking at something. Not moving, just standing there staring at something on the ground. The closer Jazmin got to Bri the more she could see the object Bri was staring at, it was a little black speaker with a cord connecting it to a Iphone with a black case.

Once all the girls stood by Bri they all heard a ‘poof’. Like the sound of a tranq gun. Jazmin felt this shooting pain in the side of her neck, she reached up to feel something soft. Quickly she pulls it out to see its a blue tranq with a white feather attached to it. Jazmin heard a bunch of curses from the other girls, then like in the closet at the movies they all start dropping.

Jazmin sees Mal trying to stay awake but the pull of sleep is too tempting and she goes down with the darkness. Jazmin soon follows, not knowing what’s going to happen when she wakes up from this nightmare.

When Jazmin wakes she immediately looks at her surroundings to find that instead of the woods that she was just in, she finds a room with all the girls in a circle tied to chairs that match their favorite color.

Mal is in a yellow chair, Bri is in a purple chair, Liley is in a red chair, C.C is in a Black chair and Jazmin is in a bright blue chair. Like last time Jazmin is the only one awake so it’s her job to wake everyone else. Mal and Liley are on either side of Jazmin so she wakes up Liley first.

Jazmin nudges Liley with her free foot. She nudges her again a couple of times before Liley actually starts to stirr. ‘Come on, come on get up please. Okay when we get out of here I am going to kill you and your heavy sleeping self. You really need to work on that.’ Jazmin says in her head.

Jazmin looked around to make sure that their kidnapper was not in the room or was not coming to the nasty room they were in. Jazmin also tries to look more closely at the other girls to make sure they weren’t injured any further than the scraps they got from the woods the were in hours ago.

At least she thought it was hours ago, she hoped it was hours ago. What the girls didn’t know was that the police solved their case. The lead detective solved their disappearance, he knows who did it, he knows where they are and he knows how to get them back to their families.

He just didn’t know how Jazmin would take the news on who their kidnapper is. He was afraid that his little girl would break apart and didn’t know if she could be put back together again. But when he does find him he will shred him to pieces.

The detective could never even predict what those girls are going through. He has tried to guess the fear that might be going through his little angel and the other girls but he always feels like he’s not even close.

He will find them, and he will bring hell to their kidnapper. If Jazmin hasn’t done it already.

All the girls are up now and they have all devised a plan to help set them free. They will first have Mal distract him by screaming and “crying”, then Jazmin will attack him from behind with her chair sense she has already gotten out of her restraints.

Jazmin helped the other girls to but made sure to keep the top part still look like it was on so their kidnapper would not get suspicious, then the girls will run as fast as they can down the dirt road this time so they don’t get lost. The plan could go wrong at any minute but it’s worth it.

Jazmin looks at all the girls and asks them the silent question if they are ready. They all nod back with determination in their eyes. Jazmin looks at Mal and gives her the signal. Mal then starts screaming her head off and crying like it was her last day on earth. Jazmin had to refrain from covering her ears so she wouldn’t give them away. Past all the screaming and crying Jazmin could hear loud footsteps that seemed oddly familiar. The kidnapper comes running in and the next thing anyone knows jazmin is picking up her chair and waming it down on his head.

The man goes unconscious immediately before he even hits the floor. Jazmin looks down and she can see the familiar black hair, the familiar jacket that she got him for christmas last year and the boots to match.

“ Jazmin,isn’t that your boyfriend Max?” Mal asks on further inspection of the man at Jazmin’s feet.

“ Yes, yes it is. Look what he has in his pocket,” Jazmin bends down and snatches the dart gun from his pocket along with the darts that were used at the movie theater on the girls. “ He made the creepy guy take us here, he did this to us! He took us away from our families!” All Jamzin could feel was rage. He made them go through all that heartache and fear.

“ But it’s all over now, we can go home. We can go back to our families now. I bet the cops are on their way and I bet your dad is on his way to sense he has to be the lead detective on the case.” Mal says to try and bring Jazmin out of her rage.

“ Lets just go before I kill this asshole.” Jazmin says in fury as she walks down the corridors. As the girls walk towards the front door they can hear the sirens of the police outside the door. As soon they heard it they were running as fast as they could outside.

Everyone from the department was there and looking at them. “He’s inside unconscious.” Jazmin said in a monotone voice. The lead detective runs up and hugs her to the point where she can’t breathe.

“Wow didn’t know you missed me that much old man.” Jasmine’s dad playfully glares at her and puts all of the girls in the cop cars to go back home and to their families.

The murder was finaly caught but at what cost? She was able to protect her friends, she told them that she would get them back. She even made a promise to herself that she would do anything in her power to do so. I guess now all she can do is enjoy life like its her last day. Because it could have been.

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