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Chapter 10 A Slip Of The Tongue

A Slip Of The Tongue

Based upon different cases referring to YAYA.

“Watch what you do to me and I’ll try to watch what I do to you”

Episode 1- Scaring Leighton (Brother In Law)

The night was calm and breeze still. I received a phone call from one of my friends. I took the phone into the third room. Fanny and Uilani’s room and settled onto the bed. The conversation was going good. We were talking about things at school.

I heard soft giggles coming from the second room. The adjoining door was wide open making the sound to their prank noticeable.

I could hear the sound of movement??? Like crawling.

I was sure whoever it was... was trying to fuck with me.

The sound was getting closer... the giggling and crawling was nearing the adjoining door to where I was.

Sure enough, two conspirators were involved, Fanny and Leighton. The person in the back had caught the loose pant material of the person in the front.

“Keep fucking around... You guys going see something, you guys not going like.” I said, loud enough for them to hear me.

That made them stop in their tracks.

It was getting late and time for my sister Momi’s boyfriend Leighton to head home. His usual route to leave, was to walk to the kitchen and take the back stairs that ended at my room downstairs. When he reached the bottom he needed to cross my private garage. Pass that area that connected to the larger entertainment/ game room.

That night however... as he was approaching the steps of 12. He froze in place, his face turned pale... There was a huge black shadow man walking down the steps.

Never again did he take that way to go home.

Episode 2- Scaring David (Husband)

David and I wasn’t on good terms. He gone out with my brothers and came back plastered. I admit... I was upset that he came home later than I had asked him to. But, when the person drinks until he can’t comprehend what they’re saying or does. Then it becomes a problem of indifference.

It turned into an argument and progressed into a physical altercation.

“Yaya... leave him alone.” my father scolded me.

David kept mumbling in his drunken stupor. Heat rose in my cheeks. He was starting to piss me the fuck off... I did the only thing I knew how to do. I retaliated with words.

“Watch when you fall asleep. You not going like what going happen to you.” was all that slipped out from my mouth.

It was easier to slip off in slumber, once David became silent.

Startled awake by the squirming man beside me. I turned my head toward him. He sat up in an instant holding his chest and gasping for air.

“What happened?” I asked, not sure what was going on.

“I’m sorry.” he said, asking for forgiveness.

“Yeah... but what happened?” I repeated the question again.

“Something was sitting on my chest and I couldn’t move, speak and breath.”

“This type of paranormal occurrence was known as night hag or paranormal paralysis.

Episode 3 - Scaring Jr. (Brother)

Every house we moved to was normally two story with one bedroom downstairs. The shower was also downstairs, as well. From Mililani to Manono and Kinoole Street. I always staked claim to that room. I don’t know why they were all designed that way, but it just was.

I enjoyed having my own space... Everyone knew it was mine. Well... everyone except my brother Jr. (named after my father) He returned from Germany doing military service.

When he first tried to convince our dad to tell me he wanted the room. It didn’t go well for him.

“Your sister always had the downstairs room.” he said, “Go stay in the trailer in the back.

That wasn’t going to do... He was determined to get his way. Eventually, he got his way from bugging our father. Our dad came to me saying that I needed to move to the trailer.

I was mad... no scratch that, I was fucking pissed off.

Still... David and I moved in the family trailer behind the main house. (The kind you’d find in trailer parks.)

“There take the fucking room, you can have em.” I said, not meaning it entirely. I wanted him to be miserable.

That day he fixed up his room to the nines. But, that night when he fell asleep. He was woken by a sound on the side of his bed. When he turned to look, a shadow was next to him doing jumping jacks.

He ran out the room and up the stairs that led to the kitchen and jumped under the covers next to our father.

“Who the fuck is that?” our dad was pissed to be startled awake in bed.

“It’s me, Jr.You can tell Yaya she can have her room back.”

I was sad for him. But, I was happy for me. I had my room back.

One day after hearing all these little episodes. Aunty Bev came to me, she is my father’s sister.

“Yaya... you remind me, of me.” she said, that made me stare at her intently. “You gotta watch what you say when you mad. Because what you say comes true.”

So, you see like it is written in the beginning of this chapter

“Watch what you do to me and I’ll try to watch what I do to you”

Uncle sam was right... I am special. I do have a gift. I am strong.

Aunty Bev was right... What I speak when I am angry does come true.

I know it exist and I know it can happen.

Just ask Leighton, David and Jr... I’m sure they’ll still be shaking in their own skin reliving their own past experience where I'm involved.

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