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Chapter 11 - For your Eye's Only Pt. 1

For Your Eyes Only - Part 1

These episodes are short stories Part 1. It is a compilation of different paranormal experiences the family members have witnessed. Showing proof that no matter where they were... spirits were always with them.

The Pool Table ( The White House )

Fanny’s (POV)

It was already dark outside, when mountain ball practice ended. Dinner was served and chores completed.

I took a bath before heading to my room. Uilani was already asleep in her bed.

I opened my school books and studied. I was nearly finishing up my homework, when I heard my father call out my name.


In a matter of seconds I stood before him.

“Yes, dad.”

He was watching television in the parlor with my two younger brothers, Dru and Hidey. Mom was still at work and wasn’t due back home, yet. She had at least 2 hours left of her shift to be over and return.

“Go downstairs and tell your brothers, get off the pool table and get upstairs.” he was referring to the older 3 that are usually hosting friends.

Thinking nothing of it... I skipped down the backstairs in the kitchen.

Yaya was in her room with David. So, I stopped by their doorway. She was knitting some beanie cap for herself. She had a gift for things like that. Her hands were made for crochet and yarn needles. I was never good at it, I loved sports activities.

We got caught into a conversation about the day we had. I had forgotten the reason I was down there in the first place.

The sound of the pool balls clashing against each other filled my ears.

“Oh shit... I gotta tell the boys for get upstairs.” I yelped, and ran to the entertainment garage.

I reached for the door that stood between me and the boys. I peeked my head inside...

“No fucking way...?????”

I sprint pass Yaya’s room and climbed the 12 steps in my way.

Relieved that I was upstairs.

“What happened? Did you tell your brothers what I said?” my dad asked me. I was trying to catch my breath.

“Dad... nobody was down there. The pool table was playing by itself. ”

Now that was some freaky ass shit...

The Infant Walker ( The White House )

Yaya’s (POV)

When my daughter Iris was old enough to be placed in a walker. David and I always encouraged her from 5 months. We’d place her in the walker every chance we could.

My small garage was perfect for her to learn how to walk. The smooth cement floor allowed her to navigate quickly. In no time she was starting to run with the help of this toddler invention.

Quick to learn that it was faster to get from place to place, being in it. She’d want to be in it all the time. It made me happy... because it beats having to chase a crawling baby. Not only that I didn’t have to worry about her being on the cold floor.

One night as we were asleep.

“Yaya... what the fuck is that?” David said, trying to wake me up by shoving my shoulders back and forth.

“What?” I gave a jolt angry that he was disturbing my sleep.

“I think the baby’s walker stay moving.” he guessed correctly.

I listened to the sound, and for sure it was Iris’s baby walker.

I jumped out of bed and opened my bedroom door. To see if my brother’s or baby sister Uilani was messing with it.

No one was there... What the fuck????

The walking rolled pass me and kept going until it had come to a complete stop.

I was upset... pissed that this spirit was keeping me from my sleep.

I grabbed it off the ground and placed it upside down on the table nearest the back door...

I fell back asleep...

I’m not really sure what time I had been startled awake.

“You’re fucking kidding me.”

It was the sound of my daughters walker on a mission of rolling playfully in my private garage, again.

Shoving the bedroom door open. I rushed toward the moving toy and snatched it up in my hands.

“Get the fuck out of here. You no belong here.” I said, before bringing the walker into my room and setting it near my bed.

I was too tired for this shit to continue all night long. I had to start work early tomorrow morning.

I shut the door to my room and went back to sleep.

Nothing was gonna disturb my slumber again.

The Camper ( Isaac Hale Beach Park )

When my father got into commercial fishing. Our first boat was named after my youngest sister Uilani. We traveled the whole of the island, accompanying the boat where ever it launched out from.

At the time we'd set up camp... with family or dad’s coworkers. We'd travel to Pohoiki, Milolii, South Point...

Dad had also purchased a couple of campers. Sort of like an RV except you needed to pull those with a ball hitch.

On one occasion, we were camped down at Pohoiki also known as Isaac Hale beach park. Uncle hale had given my father a portion of his property.

The set up was easy...

two campers were spaced 20 feet apart from the other. A long tarp raised across both of them to create shade. Skips covered with plywood became the flooring under it. A picnic table was for our dining area. Loose chairs scattered the area.

Johnny was the captain of the boat and David the deckhand. They’d spend the night or sometimes two in hopes of catching (Blue/yellow fin tuna), Marlin... etc,. anything you could think of the crew caught it.

One day after swimming. My daughter Iris needed to grab something from the my parents camper.

Dad was to the back of it, where the cooking stove was. He was making dinner... Iris passed him and went up the stairs next to him to walk inside the camper.

There it came... Iris came flying out of the camper and landed near my father's feet.

Dad's eyes went wide.

"What happened?" he curiously asked her. He knew no one was inside.

"Papa... the man kicked me out." she angrily said, stomping away and dusting herself off.

Hope you liked these short stories Part 1

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