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Chapter 12- For Your Eye's Only Pt. 2

For Your Eyes Only ***** Part 2
The Black Shadow Man ( The White House )

Yaya's (POV)

My private garage was the passageway for everyone else. You needed to pass it in order to get to the shower. The only shower in the house.
The space under the stairway had left an unsettled feeling in me. But, I dare not show my fear... I was only human.
It was time to áuáu (shower/bathe). I had taken Iris to freshen up.
The shower room was strangely built. No windows were placed in that 20 x 20 room. A curtain rod served as the makeshift door.
I finished soaping up Iris and did the same to myself. No more than 20 minutes later, we were walking out and heading to our room.
"Mommy... the man." my 3 year old child said, her gaze was fixed outside to no one I could see.
I turned my head in the direction she stared at.
I couldn't see what she was looking at. Nada... Zilch...
"What man?" I asked, freaked out that I couldn't see him. Clutching her closer to me made me feel safer. On the other hand it pissed me off. That this thing she could see was fucking with her.
"The black shadow man who's watching us."
I calmly walked into our room, closing the door behind me...
This shadow man would constantly show itself to her. But, thanks to the cleansing from uncle Sam. The bad ones such as, that black shadow man. Never stepped foot inside the house.

The Back Door ( The White House )
Fanny's (POV)
Dad shivered a little... he was in the parlor watching his John Wayne movie.
"Nani..." he called my older sister.
She was there in a heartbeat. That's the way it was. He expected for us to be in front of him, the first time he called our names.
"Yes, dad." she answered.
"I can feel the breeze coming in. Go downstairs and close the back door." he instructed her.
It had already fallen dark and there was no way she'd go alone. With all the funky things going on. We'd normally buddy up. Uilani was my buddy and roommate.
Nani was the eldest girl and asked me to go with her.
She was angry that she was chosen and stomped down the stairs, with me following behind her.
She walked towards the door and slammed it hard...
She shouldn't have done that...
Whatever was standing outside that door, was upset with her. With her attitude. The thing outside showed it's anger to her, I was just along for the trip. It had slammed the door with all its might.
She yelped... I squealed.
We were both freaked out. Nani pushed past me up the stairs, I was right on her tail.
That was a lesson for us, I guessed. Never be disrespectful and control your irritation. You'll never know when it will strike back.

Knock Three Times (The Brown House)
Uilani's (POV)

I was 13 at the time we moved into the brown house. Not the young girl with I was still in middle school when Fanny had come home from work. Her co-worker Stephen showed up at the the house. He would always drop her off at home, when their shift was over. They were best friends. Fanny and I were still roommates.
They had brought a huge box of donuts from the store bakery, where they worked. We'd often share moments like this. And talk until i'd fall asleep. They didn't have to worry about going to school. They were young adults... both had graduated from school.
Yeah, I was far off from that word... They may have graduated but it doesn't matter. They would have to work for the rest of their lives.
That Sucks...
We were just hanging out. Talking about regular day to day things.
Somehow the topic changed and Fanny and I began to talk about our own stories with the paranormal world. The things we faced as an individual and siblings had it's perks at times.
Perks? For me it was a perk. In fact... just remember if you encounter or come face to face with these evil paranormal bitches. Stand your ground and like one of my favorite metal rock group Stryper says... "To Hell With The Devil." Because for one thing, I remember the bravery of Fanny and Yaya. How they manage to show no fear to a spirit that can fuck with our minds. They wouldn't give it the satisfaction it wanted. Which bad spirits will feed off a person's fear.
Sick bastards...
That part of being strong willed, I had learned from them both and of course our mother.
Well as I was saying... the conversation shifted to our experience at the white, yellow and this brown house.
You read correctly. This damned brown house has its share of freaky unexplainable occurrences.
So, Fanny was immersed in a haunting she'd had. I was usually present, because she was by buddy system slash roommate. Stephen was all ears, he was really into the story. I can't remember what story she was retelling. But, it didn't matter, because this story telling created a new one.
Lo and behold... right below our window. There was the door to enter downstairs. Some unseen paranormal jackass knocked three times on the door below our fucking window.
"What was that? Did you hear that?" Stephen asked, almost freaking out.
I know I heard it knocking...
"No... what you heard?" She questioned...
The spirit did it again.
Knock...Knock... Knock... the sound of fist hit the door.
We cautiously walked towards the window and looked below. No one was there... nothing, there was no one there.
After a moment of us repeating what happened. Our tiny mother came in to grab a couple donuts from the box.
"What happened?" She asked.
We recounted the story to her.
"Ah... it's all in your mind. You make yourself believe in that shit, they follow you. Tell those bastards get the fuck out of here." She looked at us and walked out of the room.
Gosh, how we loved our mother...
Feisty... Direct... and a mighty 4'9 inch Hawaiian women, whose spiritual force was not to be reckoned with.

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