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Chapter 13 The Storage Room

The Storage Room - (Yellow House)

Uilani's (POV)

There comes a time when the best way to solve an issue with children is to scare the wits out of them.
It went against my upbringing. Let's face it... it worked.
Today, I can surely laugh at the thought, about it. Back then... it was unthinkable, unforgivable and down right... uncalled for. It wasn't even funny, when shit hit the fan.
How was I to know what was the outcome? Heck I was in middle school at the time. After school my job was to watch my little nieces and nephews. All the adults would still be at work. My brothers were active in sports. Which left me to help in that area. We'd focus on homework. Then the chores were done. The best part was sending them outside to play. The worst part was getting them back inside to 'au 'au (take a bath).
On the daily... they'd never listen, they had "pepeao kuli"(stink ear, hard of hearing) I came up with the idea. An idea I was taught not to do. After so many times of telling to get into the house and bathe. I had lost my senses. The senses that were reasonable, making me do the unreasonable in our traditions.
Never ever under any circumstances should one scare someone, to trick them into doing what you wanted them to.
Well at the time. Friday the 13th was a huge hit. The era of scary movies were really working on all parts of horror, thriller, the list can go on. But we'll stop at that. It was just a new concept of what spooky movie should be like. Right? I know if you watched it for the first time. It made you shake in your pants.
The sound effect alone was scary as heck. It let viewers know when Jason Voorhees was coming to get you. You know the sound?
"Choo Choo Choo, Cha, Cha, Cha."
Yup, that's the one.
It scared the shit out of me as a teen. Can you imagine the tricks it played in a little kids mind. Nope... Yeah, I wasn't thinking.
Like I was saying, they'd never listen when it was time to take a bath.
So I'd hide in the upstairs room and chant that stupid sound effect. I'd stand up after a while to see them getting closer to each other. Looking at their surroundings for the masked killer. Then I would yell. "Hurry up get upstairs, Jason's coming."
Without a second glance, they'd race each other... afraid that Jason would get them.
It was a success for them to listen the first time I'd call them in. Of course after several weeks of using Jason's sound effect.
"Ha... Ha..." that was some good laughs.
Until, one day the children were playing hide and seek in the downstairs garage.
I decided to join in on the fun.
Kalau was the outmaster. The girls and I scattered to find the best hiding spot, while he took his time counting to 20.
I hid in the storage room. Too chicken to close the door completely and be in confined to the darkness.
You ever heard of the coined phrase. "I may look dumb, but I ain't that stupid." Well this was one of those moments.
Patiently, I waited to be found... and there he was. Standing in front of the doorway.
His excited happy face, turned into a pale white one.
I wasn't sure what happened. It happened so fast, that he was there and the next he was running out of there as quick as he could.
"Uilani" I heard my father yelling for me. The sound in his voice, warned me that it wasn't good.
I was feeling like a champ. Oblivious to the reason he was calling me upstairs.
"Yes, Dad." I answered, standing in front of him.
"Who's downstairs?" he asked, making me squint with confusion.
What? I was trying to think what was going on. He was looking at me like I should know. I was silent, it was just the 3 children and myself.
"Who's the man? The boy said, when he found you. The black man was standing behind you with a pitchfork in his hand."
I was stunned and the hairs on my arms had fully risen on my body. I didn't even feel anything downstairs and I wondered why? I was normally sensitive to unseen forces. This one had by passed my sixth sense for some reason.
Of course, I got a whooping for it. I couldn't blame him or Kalau. Poor kid had seen a huge black shadow man, threatening to stab him if it needed to. That thing protected me like the 5 year old was a threat.
It all made sense as I remembered seeing my nephew turn whiter than his already caucasian color. If his platinum blond would've turned silver by what he saw. That would have been something.
A few days after. My father had called a local pastor to bless the house. The pastor had brought several other members with him. They walked around the whole house, inside and out. Upstairs and downstairs, getting every little dwelling space they could bless.
When they were done... they had explained that there were three spirits that roam the garage downstairs. A man and two women. I bet we all had chills running down our spines.
They had led it away...
That day I had figured out the meaning of what I was taught.
Never use something to scare someone with. Because when you mock it. It will come for you. I had wished by making that noise it would scare them into listening to me.
Be careful what you wish for... It might just come true.

Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoy it, as much as I love writing about it.
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