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Chapter 14- Flying Demon

Flying Demon- (Brown House)

Uilani’s (POV)

Through all of the paranormal experiences I had dealt with. You’d think I’d pull away from it. Staying far away from any sort of situation, that could leave me freaking out. Questioning if what I had witnessed was real or not.

In fact... Yaya, Fanny and I, became huge fans.

We had access to see any horror movie.

The day videos and VCR’s were invented, we were hooked, addicted I should say, dubbed, “thrill seekers” (the thrill of finding the best scary movie to watch). My sisters and I, became addicted.

Once Blockbuster was available on our tiny island in the middle of the pacific ocean. My sisters Yaya, Fanny and I became horror film fanatics. I have to admit, Blockbuster made a lot of money from me, just from my uncontrollable impulse. I’d rent anything from horror, suspense, thriller, slasher, mystery. I was a sucker. All those late fees for keeping it a week long, was worth it though.

Call me crazy... call me whatever you want. I’m okay with it. Heck, I might shock you by adding to the criticism. But all jokes aside, I think it was the thrill of not knowing what will happen next. A kind of suspense that keeps you on the edge of your seat. Biting at your fingernails, until you accidentally bite into your own skin.


The things I do for my own amusement.

Seriously, watching a good scary movie versus experiencing it first hand, are somewhat the same.

Well, it ticks off the same vibes, giving you the same desire you wanted, panic, anxiety, fear becomes the anticipated result.

You might think... it’s doesn’t. But, the way I think about it. It leaves you feeling the same.

The hair raises on the back of your neck, like static electricity. Every sense you have in you, heightened. Waiting in anticipation to curb our appetite of. A fear that shakes your inner core caused by seeing it with your own two eyes. Either way if you experience it by watching it on a television/theatre screen or in real life. It will give you the same results.

Enough with the awareness tips, on “emotional regulation” outlook. It’s just the point that my sisters and I share with each other.

It was starting to turn dark. Fanny and I had been skimming thru the television finding something good to watch. It was just the two of us, at first. We found a movie that looked okay.

So, the name of the movie... “Evil Dead”.

Back then, the early 80′s... New concepts and makeup artist made it possible to give you nightmares.

It was about a man, named Ash. He and his girlfriend along with several friends (five in total), seek to spend their spring break in a secluded cabin in the woods.

“Secluded” would be the correct term to use, the “Boonies” or “The woodworks” is my term. No access to electricity, water or sewage systems. Not to mention, there is no other people near who can help save my sorry ass if need be. Yeah, the type of place you’ll see only in the movies. This was their setting in the movie.

But, I’m no “Siskel and Ebert.”

If it was me... I’d have an entourage of 50 people in my group coming along. I’ll call everybody, even an estranged family member gets an invite. Right?

After a while Scotty wanders about and Ash searches for him. Finds the dude downstairs in a creepy ass basement. Scotty convinces him to check out the items in one of the rooms down there. Ash snoops around and finds “Necronomicon, The book of the dead.”

The book comes with an old recorder. The previous owner was some scientist and was deciphering the book.

Eventually, the group starts messing with the book. That was the worst idea, by the way... by playing the recorder the contents it had awakened the dead. This awakening had affected his friends. They were possessed and were trying to kill Ash.

I'm not sure at what point of the movie it was, but Yaya, David and Vohn showed up for a visit. They joined us, Yaya wasn't going to miss watching a horror movie.

Certain parts were funny, other parts were corny. Getting to the point, everyone except Ash dies. He walks out the next morning to sunlight. Bloodied and tired, but he lived. Then some flying demon in the woods rise from the ground. It starts flying through the woods, breaks through the back door of the house, flies thru the house, out the front door. Ash turns around and gets attacked by the invisible flying demon. He goes flying thru the trees slamming into a tree.

That was the end.

Evil Dead 2 played consecutively.

When it came to the part where the invisible demon flying in the air, trying to get Ash. The sound effect was freaking me out.

"David, can you close the kitchen door and lock it, please?" I asked my brother in law.

The demon still chasing Ash.

David got up, walked to the kitchen.

The demon still chasing Ash.

David closed the door, securing the lock.

At that moment, whatever was on the other side of that door didn't want to be shut out. The sound of something smashed into the door. We all got up and faced the kitchen. David ran back into the living room. Whiter than a bed sheet. He was scared shitless... for my sisters and I, we could have cared less.

Together... our fearless attitude and beliefs. We were stronger together. Knowing that nothing could harm us.

We had the courage to take care of any paranormal threat.

Thanks to Uncle Sam, our Kahuna... and most of all Thank You Mom for giving us your powerful strength "Mana".

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