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Chapter 15- The Clairvoyant

The Clairvoyant

Note from Author: Since the beginning of this book. I mentioned the fact that, these spirits had followed us throughout our lives. From that first house we lived in. Everyone, who had visited on vacation or just for a day surely experienced some type of unexplained event. My sisters, brothers, cousins, uncles, aunts, friends and our own "children" have experienced or witnessed some type of paranormal activity at some point.

This final chapter is dedicated to Annie.

I See Dead People

Annie would often spend time with her grandparents Bob and Char, who lived on the other side of town. She was around 6 years old at the time of her first paranormal experience.
She'd often see a man hiding in the her grandmother's bedroom closet. It was terrifying for the young child. Char understood the little girl had one condition, she refused to enter the bedroom alone. The girl could roam the whole house, without any problems. Only when she'd pass by that bedroom, she either run past it or avoided the truth that the room was there.
One Sunday, her father picked her up from his parents house to take her home. Annie was eating her quesadilla Char prepared for the ride home.
"Daddy, I see dead people." she said, getting her father's attention with her accusation.
Her father was surprised. He wasn't one that took to paranormal sightings. His experiences as a child were bad. The ghost he'd encounter physically touched him, on several occasions.
"What? Where?" bird asked the little girl.
They were passing the mortuary that was a mile down the road from his parents house.
"There, do you see them? They're standing in a line." she innocently replied, pointing to the entryway of the funeral home.
Bird was thankful he couldn't see what the girl was pointing to. His insides did crazy eights weird things to his stomach. He wasn't sure if he'd get into an accident.
He didn't reply to his daughter. His first reaction...He looked crazy glancing into the rearview mirror. Hoping there was no one else in the car, that didn't belong there.
"Daddy, do you see them?" her brows knit together. She was upset that her father wasn't answering her questions.
"No." was all he could muster. He grabbed his phone and dialed his mothers number. Yes, he shouldn't have called her, while he was driving. He did it anyways.
Telephone Conversation
Char- Hello.
Bird- Mom, what the hell. We were passing the mortuary, Annie told me she could see dead people standing outside waiting their turn to get inside.
laughter erupted from the older woman, on the other line.
Bird- It's not funny. I'm never picking her up from there again. The next time you need to call Uilani to get her.
From that day forward, he made sure that someone was always with him, when he picked her up from his parents house.

Her Vision
Char's (POV)
"Hey mom, do you need to go to the store?" Maine asked me.
"Why?" I asked in return.
"Can we pick up my friend and take her to the store?" she asked.
"Yeah, sure." I replied, to her. "Annie, come on and get ready. We're picking up aunty Mainey's friend and going to the store." I said, to my granddaughter.
We freshened up a bit and made our presentable for the ride to the store.
Mainey's friend lived a block away from us.
I parked alongside of the curb across the street from her friends house. We waited for a few moments for the woman to get to the car. The woman sat in the back seat next to Annie.
"Mom, this is my frie..." she was suddenly cut off.
"Do you know that house?..." Annie pointed to the woman's house.
"That house that you live in, a man died in the room you sleep in." my granddaughter blurted, without thinking.
The woman's eyes went wide, her face went pale. She was speechless.
"No mind her, she..." the woman stopped Mainey from speaking.
"No, she's right. The man that lived in my room died. That is why I am living there now." she confirmed, the girls accusation.
We were shocked. Jaw dropping, shocked expressions, we had no explanation. Asking my granddaughter wasn't an option at the time.
The car ride to the store was awkward. You could feel that the woman felt uncomfortable. Her eyes were fixed on Annie. At the store the woman stayed far away from the little girl. She didn't want to be near my granddaughter at all.
Annie and I walked to the car. This time, Mainey was seated in the back with her friend. Annie's booster chair was in the passenger seat. I was upset about it, but knew the woman was probably afraid of my granddaughter.
We dropped the woman back at her house. That was the first and the last time I ever saw her.
When I was alone with Annie. I had to ask her how she knew about what happened in the house.
"Bebe, how did you know about the man in the house?" I asked, with a curious look.
"I don't know mama? I could smell the blood and I saw the blood rolling down the walls." she answered truthfully.
I called her mother and told her about the incident. I had spoken to Uilani about the incident with bird. I'm sure he had a talk with the child's mother about what he experienced with her.
"I'm concerned...A psychic or medium is one thing. But if the child can see, smell, taste death. That's a whole different ball game we're talking about." Uilani said.
I understood the child's mother. I was also concerned for her well being. The responsibility she has could impact her life. Trying to make her see things or learn what she has might be difficult for her to understand.
Her mother and I will guide her into the direction she needs to take when the time is right. For now, she is just a child.

A Friend for the Day
Uilani's (POV)
It was a hot summer day, the breeze was blowing perfectly. A nice day to enjoy and watch the children play with the neighborhood kids. With my computer in hand, I decided to take my work outside and enjoy the moment.
After a while, Annie placed her bike on it's kickstand and walked towards me. I was sitting on the picnic table, completing my assignments and answering my emails.
"Mom can I play with my friend?"
I know I seen just her. Nothing visible, or any other type of intuition was heightening my senses.
"Where's your friend?" I asked, she innocently pointed to nothing that was next to her bike at the bottom of the driveway.
"Ok... Is it a boy or a girl?"
"It's a boy?"
"Is it nice looking or?" she cut my sentence before I could finish it.
"Mom, he is nice."
"Ok... sometimes spirits like to trick little children. They pretend to be good. Sometimes they can change into children, so little children like you trust them. That kind of spirit is not good, do you understand?" I explained the best I could to my 6 year old.
She nods her head confirming that she understood.
"Ok, stay where I can see you. You need to tell your friend, he cannot come up past the mailbox and that he needs to go home when it's time for us to leave."
She was fine with my decision and skipped to her bicycle. Moments I glanced up from my computer to check on her. Her smile gleamed, wind blew in her hair. A care free moment. My heart sinks into my stomach when I realize her mouth is moving, she is smiling and laughing at no one, but herself. Her friend is invisible and I can't see him.
"Mom... I'm done playing with my friend." she said, sneaking up on me.
I gave her a raised eyebrow. As if she knew what I was thinking she says.
"Don't worry, I told him he can't stay here. He needs to go home because my mom will get mad." and she walked away.
"How did she get so smart?" I asked myself silently.

Go Away
Uilani's (POV)
My mother wasn't herself that morning, when I stopped by for her visit.
"She was talking to someone named Rosa... she kept reaching to touch something I couldn't see."
Just then, my cell phone rang. It was my daughters school.
"You gotta be kidding me, school just started."
Health Aid- (HA)
Me- Hello.
HA- Ms. Uilani, I have your daughter Annie here. She's complaining of a headache. She'd like to go home.
Me- I'll be there.
My sister knew of Annie's abilities and felt good that my child would be coming there. Anxious, she decided to take me to my daughters school and bring her to the house.
I knew she was dying to ask Annie questions and to her that she could as the child what she needed to.
"Annie, do you know what's going on?" my sister asked her.
"There's a lot of people here if that is what you're asking. There's also a lady who keeps calling her. She's telling Nana to go with her." Annie replied, not knowing the situation but answering her aunts thoughts.
"What is the ladies name?" the older woman asked.
"Rosa." the young girl answered.
My sister turn towards me. Her face was in pure shock.
"You know what to do." I said to my little girl. With a nod of her head. She entered the room her Nana occupied and said.
"You all need to leave." she turned to no one we could see and said.
"You cannot take my Nana, It's not her time, yet." she stood tall, showing signs of determination. Her word was final and questionable.
That day I was proud of my little girl. She had proven her strength to me. It will be no small task for her to understand the gift that she has.
The one thing I knew, with me at her side. Guiding her in the right direction. She will become a great tool for the living and the non living that walk this earth.

Thank you so much for reading The Portal. I hope you enjoyed it, as much as I loved writing it.
Take Care and Stay Safe.

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