The Portal

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Chapter 2 The Séance

(1975) The Séance

Fanny’s Flashback

I was thirteen the day it happened. My parents took my brothers to perform at an event. Back then, they were called the Brother's 5 a popular band on the islands.

We had the freedom to relax in the moment. House was clean, dinner made. Perfect.

I joined my sister Momi who was watching an episode of “Gilligan’s Island” in the living room. We were both focused on the show.

That was until... Spooky and Stacy came in the house.

“Spooky” and “Stacy” are what you'd consider our hānai brothers, who came up with a brilliant plan… no scratch that… a stupidly brilliant plan. My sister Momi and I had no idea what a séance was, never heard that word before in my life, till that day... Hey I was thirteen, and Momi she was eleven at the time. What did we know?

“Sit in a circle.” he instructed, pointing to the middle of the living room. We did.

“Hold hands.” he added, with a nod to each of us. We did.

He lit a white candle and placed it in the center of us, and began to chant words. I wasn’t really paying attention. Something about calling spirits to come forth and show itself. When he finished we all waited in alert... waiting for something to happen. It didn’t.

“Wait don’t break the bond.” he said and we listened. Never letting the other’s hand go.

He repeated the chant once more, this time with more force... more gusto. Again we waited to see what would happen. Nothing did...

“It didn’t work.” Stacy began, frustrated that nothing happened.

Letting go of his hold of mine and my sisters hands.

We had broken some kind of bond. We performed some kind of invitation that created a portal to the paranormal world.

A gust of wind swept in from the side window. The force was like a tornado that tousled our hair as it passed us.

It turned left, flying through the opening of the hutch and turned right into the third bedroom.

Slamming the door behind it. No fucking way. Out of all the places in the house it had to end up in mine and my baby sister’s room.

This was the most freaky ass shit I had experienced. We all had experienced. Something you’d only see in one of hollywood’s horror movies.

Uilani’s Flashback

I had fallen asleep as soon as I reached home from school. I wasn’t sure how long I got to nap. Sensing the presence of someone near me. I awoke… startled. My head turned to follow the sound of echoing footsteps drifting farther away from my room. I smiled to see four familiar figures silently standing in the doorway. My cousin’s Tonto, Norma, Chucky and Ardis was here to visit. Looking at me intentionally. I jumped off the bed and made my way to them. I stepped out of the room and that’s when it began...

The bedroom door slammed shut on it’s own behind me. It kept opening and closing with unspeakable force. The window inside raised up and smashed down repeatedly. The small portable radio in the room went in an ongoing loud… then soft repetition. The hairs on the back of my neck rose. Five of us children stood in the dining room watching in shock… in surprise… in FEAR. I still get goosebumps today just thinking about it. Ardis, my youngest cousin cried while her brothers held her protectively. We had never seen anything like it before. It was new to us. We were scared shit less. What would you expect at five years old?

My second oldest sister, Yaya came barging in. She was asleep in another room upstairs. She was pissed. You could see it on her face.

Yaya’s Flashback

At first, I thought it was a dream. Was I dreaming? Was it a horror film on the television? In the mix of commotion I heard children crying and familiar voices yelling. I opened my eyes. Shit, I wasn’t having a bad dream…This crap was real. Following the sound, I rushed into the dining room. All that raucous was coming from the third bedroom, only that bedroom was affected by paranormal activity. Everywhere else in the house was still… calm. Well, except for the sobs and whimpering of my cousins, who I felt sorry for to witness this unspeakable evil. This emotion led to anger towards the idiots who did it. Anger to the thing that made them cry in fear.

“What the fuck’s going on?” I yelled above all the noise.

“Spooky, he...he.. Did a Séance.” Fanny blurted, appearing next to her. Her fingers nervously twining together. Her always neat bun was in a frenzied disarray.

“Brah… what the fuck you did?” I said, looking at Spooky and Stacy. They were the oldest males in the house at the time. They should have known better than to start some shit like this.

Their faces were pale. Spooky couldn’t explain it. He didn’t know what he’d just done. The look on his dumb face said it all… he was an idiot, who didn’t understand the consequences of what was happening.

My mind began racing... thinking about how we’d ward of “Kepalo/Kiapolo” synonym used for ghost. It is what the old hawaiian dialect would call it. A word that sacred to use in the old days of Hawaii.

“I don’t know why you guys fuck with shit you don’t know about.” I yelled directly at spooky. With a nickname like that... that is what he just created, something spooky.

“Spooky, Stacy… go and get the Hawaiian salt and pour it in every doorway and window… quickly.” I had to think fast and all the confusion was distracting to my thinking process. While I utilized the two young men. The next step was to prove my strength. SHOW NO FEAR.

I stood stoic outside the doorway of the third room. I had to be the brave bitch that everyone knew I was. People always told me I was evil. This thing that was going on... Was some evil shit. What better way to deal with it? Stand your ground and fight back. I repeated to myself...

At first it felt like something was preventing me from speaking. I controlled my thoughts. No one will control my mind body and soul.

Fanny appeared next to me and together we became one mind.

“Get the fuck out of here…. Leave us the fuck alone and go back where you came from.” we screamed at nothing. We couldn’t see who or what was causing the door, the window and the radio to go off like that. Yet, it was happening. The proof in seeing it for myself. Shit I wasn’t the only damn one there witnessing it.

Never giving in… They repeated it louder with more determination on making it stop. Eventually, it worked… Slowly. But nonetheless it settled down until it came to a complete stop.

If you think this would be the end... think again. No matter where we moved to... No matter how old we get... This was just the beginning of something that will forever follow us.

A knock on my car window brought me out of my thoughts... I rolled it down a smidge... Startled by the unexpected intrusion.

“Yes?” I said, to the woman standing outside. I’ve seen her before, she was my old neighbors granddaughter. How time had flown by when we’re not paying attention. Her name was Katie Miura, the same one who’s grouchy grandmother hated us. The difference was the grays in her hair and a few wrinkles. But, it was her. I kept that knowledge to myself.

“Is everything okay?” she asked, rain bouncing off her umbrella. The blackness in her eyes, sent chills up my spine. Where the hell did she come from?

“Yes... sorry I pulled over to answer a phone call.” I lied, thanking her before high-tailing my ass out of there.

Wiper’s on full blast. I hit the button to clear the drops on the back of my suv to get a look at the neighbor.

“What the fuck?“... she was gone... “Did I imagine it or was it real.” I said aloud to my empty car. “No... she was there.”

I made it home in a heartbeat.

After dinner, I was struggling with thoughts of the day. Specifically the neighbor Katie, Mrs. Miura’s granddaughter. I didn’t have to convince myself. Because she was there, for damn sure. How could she have disappeared in thin air?

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