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Chapter 3

Keep No Secrets
By the time our parents came home from their event. Our brothers trailing behind them. The house was settled. No signs of deception or paranormal disasters was amidst the now, quite house.

or so we thought...

“What is all this salt doing on the floor?” came a roar from our father. He was a little tipsy, yet couldn’t be fooled as the grainy substance shifted under his feet.

The elders who were in charge of everything, (Yaya, Spooky and Stacy) stood frozen like vegetables. They forgot abOur father always grilled it into our brains, that he hated 2 things... Liars and Thieves.

But, they didn't say a word about the freak show... admitting to their stupidity. Well... Spooky's the idiot. He deserved to be punished.

Mother came floating in like she rode on clouds. Light on her feet she was always the calm, cool, collected one. She had an easy way of living. No worries in the world. With a smile the smell of alcohol on her breath, she was in a good place at the moment. They made a good combination.

Dad was the fearless protector of his family. To things he could see... the paranormal... uhm, not so much. He was also the disciplinary parent out of them both. There was balance in their relationship. They got along very well with one another, majority of the time. Above all they loved sharing the responsibility of everything they did for themselves, including what they did for their children.

“Clean it up.” he shouted, and headed toward their bedroom before slamming the door behind them.

Fanny and Yaya looked at each other with concerned looks. But neither one of them snitched about the incident that occured that night. Not even spooky or Stacy said a peep. Momi was too tired and decided to finally fall asleep.

They were afraid that if they cleaned up all the salt, the spirits would still roam inside house. Nonetheless, father had made it clear that they needed to clean it up. They marched like soldiers to his command.

Fanny needed to get to the kitchen. Her knees were shaking as she had to pass our room. She crept slowly, her eyes darted to look into the room. There was no stopping now, she had to pass the room in order to grab the broom and dustpan from the kitchen. She did it... she came back to the parlor, broom successfully in her hands.

Meanwhile the two male idiots... The culprits of this mess, Spooky and Stacy fought over who was going downstairs to grab the other broom from the garage.

"Come with me... St... St... Stacy." Spooky stuttered like a buffoon.

"No ways... go get ém yourself." came Stacy's scared reply. He stood his ground and helped my sisters, who were already busy underway with cleaning up the mess.

Spooky knew he'd get a pull to his ears, if our father found him standing around.

He made a run for it. It was the fastest run I had ever seen in my life. He was so fast... I swear I didn't have a chance to blink twice. Almost like the DC comic character The Flash. I didn't blame him either. I was still shaken up by what had happened. We were all scared at the incident. Who wouldn't be... right?

He wouldn't be feeling this way, if he didn't create this problem in the first place.

Our belief system ain't different from anywhere else in the world. Call it superstition...There are some things we told not to do. Like, never sweep the house at night, and sweep the rubbish out the door. Never cutting your hair, nails... (I just thought you don't do this because you'll mess up the cut of your hair, or you'll clip your skin instead.) We were told never to whistle and pound on the walls. Because unsettled spirits that roam our world, would hear it as an open door invitation to your house... your life. Next thing you know, they'd be part of the family. (Sarcasm in my words.)

Maybe It may sound strange to you. Maybe it was just a way for parents to scare their children. We never questioned or argued about it. Taught that little kids should be seen, and not heard. You know the concept?

"Hurry up, Spooky. Get the salt by the windows." Yaya instructed, her broom dangled in her hand... salt grains fell from the un evened bristles.

"Didn't we have to put these here to protect us from that... thing?" he marveled leaning on the tip of the broom handle. He wasn't doing much of anything but stand there.

"What thing? The thing you brought in the house?" Stacy said, with a shaky tone. He was showing his dedication of sweeping what he could see into the metal dustpan.

"Yeah... unless you like explain to my father why the salt stay all over the house." Yaya said in her pidgin accent.

"No ways... Just clean it up before he come outside." Fanny interrupted. Too afraid of "catching cracks." pidgin for getting dirty licking.

I sat there in the living room with my cousins, who were too afraid to fall asleep. They were afraid of what happened, that was true. But they also feared my father who was more intimidating than what they witnessed for the first time. My father who was finally back at home and in the next room.

They hated when their mother would drop them off for the day or to spend the night. Afraid of the only beast they knew as their uncle, Kanamu. That was how they saw my father, the scary man. To me being the youngest and the spoilest one of them all. He was my hero... my savior from the living souls that walked the earth.

In every way that was how I'd explain the type of man he was.

To us... his children we saw both sides of him. The Dominant... Fearless... The Protector and the Loving... Hardworking... Dedicated, father to ten blessed children, husband to one.

While our parents were drifting off in lala land.

Watching my four older siblings argue amongst each other about everything that happened and not knowing what will happen while all the salt was being picked up and thrown away.

It was funny... but not funny. If you could imagine that?

Nothing unexplainable happened that night. I think it was because the spirits that entered could sense the strong spiritual power our mother had. The spiritual power she taught us girls to have. When you have as many powerful women in one place. Our mindset to these things are the key.

"Mind of Matter... it's only in your mind." she'd say, in her tiny voice. "Never be scared, showing fear is weakness." was another advice she'd add to our questions of curiosity. These teachings would take us far, dealing with the unseen. It was also true in guiding us in whatever road we chose to take in our journey in life.

We learn by experience and with these experiences we may make mistakes. But it's learning from these mistakes that we don't experience them again. Proving that we had learned from our mistakes.

"Okay, you PAU?" Fanny asked, the other three clean up crew.

"Yeah..." they said, all together.

That night... they made the "hali'i" (Spread out...blanket/mat) in the parlor. The same spooky had performed the séance. We were squashed like packed sardines in a tin can. But it felt safe and secure to us and we fell asleep.

Not knowing what will happen next.

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