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Chapter 6 Hawaiian Sickness

Hawaiian Sickness

( Olelo Hoino- When someone curses you, it makes you sick. )

This incident was during a time when our family canoe club was named Prince David Kawananakoa (PDK) for short.

My father was a very strong and wise man for a Hawaiian, Korean and Chinese descendent. He made a lot of allies and of course a lot of enemies too along the course of his life. Nonetheless... he was my father and I was proud that he was.

He’d have no problem of striking down his enemies if needed be.

Well... it was during paddling season when several families were in conflict with ours. They believed that the canoe club and one of our Koa canoes belonged to them.

It wasn’t. Everyday for a whole year we dedicated ourselves to light the torches that lined the pathways of Waiakea Village. Giving adequate light for the tourist who stayed there while on vacation, or whatever reasons brought them here to the island.

The horrible words that spilled from there mouth was so bad that it was towards my father. But, because my father’s “Mana”- (spiritual energy of power and strength, it exists in objects and persons.) was too strong. It hit the next person who he was close to. Moikeha...

For some reason... there is always one person that a spirit attaches themselves to. No one had control over it. In my family the target was my brother Moikeha. Now thinking about it. Moikeha was born on my father’s birthday and shared a different connection to him. Moikeha was his special gift.

And so... Here the story goes.

When Moikeha became sick my parents didn’t take it serious at first. Thinking it might be just a common cold. They made an appointment got prescription medicines. It would turn out fine... right?

Not in this case.

The medicine wouldn’t bring down the fevers he’d get. Nothing was working at all.

He was getting sick to the point of death. He couldn’t eat or hold food in his stomach. Something was majorly wrong with him. Something doctors had no answers to.

On an ordinary night dad was watching t.v. Moikeha was close by fast asleep. Out of nowhere and for no apparent reason. He got up from the hali’i he was on and walked towards the front door.

His hands reached for the dead bolt and was about to open the front door of the house, when dad pulled him aside.

“What you doing?” dad said, in his stern voice holding Hudson in place.

“Dad... I got to open the door. Bob stay outside.” he answered, his eyes were gloomy as if he was still half asleep.

“Your brother is in his room. He’s not outside.” came dad’s reply.

"No daddy, he stay outside and he like me open the door." he said again.

"Go check if your braddah stay in the room." dad said to Keopulani.

"Dad, Bob is sleeping in his room." Keopulani confirmed when he returned to the parlor.

Dad knew of stories where spirits would roam around and convince the young and innocent to coax them... The reason, to take the children with them into the spirit world.

Having his suspicions, he made sure to keep Moikeha close to him for the night.

The next day my father had left and returned by the afternoon. But not alone...

When he returned, he was accompanied by a man we knew as “Uncle Sam.” he was also a sought after “Kahuna” (a respected person who has moral authority in society; a “priest, sorcerer, magician, wizard, minister, expert in any profession)

Uncle Sam's ( POV )

We were at the side street before the street I needed to be on. I could feel the "Manawa hua" (Curse) it was strong. I looked at my nephew and felt his weakened spirit. But, I knew what it was and I knew who the people who was involved with the hatred inside them. I didn't meet them or know them personally. It was just the gift I had been given. To know things that others couldn't possibly figure out for themselves.

When the car pulled up into the long driveway. My senses were on alert and I sat up a little straighter. Any more straighter my head would hit the roof of the car. 6'5 was a lot of height for just one man... me.

The words flooded my mind along with the people who cursed like forked tongue serpents.

I exited the GMC blazer and found my footing on solid ground. It was drawing me nearer to the young boy who laid still in the first bedroom to the right.

"Get me several ti leaves... people are jealous of you. But because your spirit is strong it went to the boy." I said, leaving no detail out and informed my nephew who had sent this to him. It came from several families from the canoe association. He knew what meant.

"Yes they're saying their father owned the canoe and the club." he tried to explain but I cut him off.

"I know... I can see it all like I was there." I added, and stood hunched over the ailing boy.

One of the keiki ( child ) handed the leaves I asked for to me with a slight bow and I smiled and thanked him in return.

"I will bless the boy now. You must remember that when I do this the people who are jealous will get sick. It will return to the ones who caused it. Are you aware of it?" I asked, making sure the understanding was clear.

"Yes... Uncle." my nephew the older gentleman replied.

"Good... it is necessary. If we don't your boy will die." I said, he gave a nod of understanding. I performed the cleansing of the little boys health.

After a few moments... when I was done.

I walked through the house and looked at the hole above the shelf in the parlor.

I saw everything. I saw the Séance... the people involved and that the spirits were still here.

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