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Chapter 7 The Kahuna

The Kahuna

After a few moments... when I was done.

I walked through the house and looked at the hole above the shelf in the parlor.

I could see everything. I saw the Séance... the children who were involved. I could also see the spirits that were here, because of it.

I remember when we were nearing the house. Even before we turned into the street, the house was alive with an unspeakable amount of "Kepalo" (Ghost).

The answer to the problem was right in front of me.

"This shelf... is no good. It is aligned with the front door and the "Puka", (hole) I pointed to the open spot above it. The Séance created a portal. The door lines up to the kitchen door. But, there is no escape route for the spirits. So they don't know where to go. They're all stuck in this house. On this property." I corrected.

Kanamu's face turned murderous. I knew the type of man he was. Sure his children would get a good whooping for doing something stupid as performing a Séance. I tried to ease a bit of credit to the children.

"The children tried to correct their error by placing salt among the entry ways." I spoke again, but it didn't matter to my nephew.

Kanamu's face contorted realizing that he now knew what I was talking about. It was the time he'd come home and made the children clean up the mess.

"Before you moved in this house. There was a board placed there to block the hole in the shelf." I said.

"Where's the board and why did you take it down." I knew the answer.

"Yes there was a board there uncle. But, I told the children to take it down when we were general cleaning the house." Kamanu, Kanamu's wife answered in complete honesty.

"There's a reason that board was placed there. It was put there to ward off "Kepalo" (Ghost). I explained, they hung onto everything I was explaining.

"Because of the design of this house the way the doors are all aligned. It makes it easy for spirits to enter this house, whenever they wanted to." I paused to catch my breath before continuing.

"I will need to bless this house, because there are many spirits that come inside. But they cannot find their way out. They're trapped here in this house. They occupy the whole property." the whole family were concentrating on my words.

I had instructed the children to gather several more ti leaves, hawaiian salt and a big bowl of tap water. The whole house was infested with spirits.

The only part of the house that gave me an uneasy feeling was the third room.

I was upset about two things. The first was the spirit knew I was here to get rid of it. It was trying to get me away from it... from the house. It wanted to stay here, sort of like getting used to the living that was here. I wasn't about to let that happen to this family... My family.

The second thing I was upset about was "spooky" the boy who started this and made it worse by bringing more unwanted wandering spirits here. Mainly, the one in the third bedroom would give me the hardest time to leave.

When I was done preparing everything for the cleansing. Everyone stood in line and I blessed and prayed over them. Cleansing anything that had tried to attach to their souls. The youngest boy was the only one, but, I had already cleansed him and figured to do him again for safety measures.

After they were done. As it is the way I excused everyone to wait outside until I was completely done with getting rid of the spirits.

I should have kept Kanamu here with me. He didn't forget about the mention of a Séance. Sure enough all those involved with the scheme would have to stand in a straight line and get the cracks they deserved. Willing participant or not. He was fair in a sense that if no one would admit they'd all get the same lickings. No one was left without getting their fair share of the beating.

Of course, don't get me wrong. It wasn't child abuse. It was the way to keep unruly children to be disciplined. Only when they deserved to be punished. No broken bones or blood drawn involved.

I instructed everyone to go and wait outside. It gave Kanamu and Kamanu to take their children at bay front for canoe practice. They would be gone for a few hours. It was the amount of time I needed to do my job.

Now that the house was empty and I stood alone... It was my turn to beat the crap out of this wandering spirits and send them back to where they came from.

It took me a while because the house was huge. Every inch needed to be blessed.

Starting with the downstairs... there were scattered spirits. Some were children who liked playing with the toys that were placed in different areas. The radio flyer was a hit with them. That was blessed.

For the most part the spirits accepted my blessing and went on their way to the other side.

The hardest of them all was the black shadow in the third bedroom. Shrieking red eyes and shapely ram horns protruded out of the sides of its head.

This was no spirit at all... it was a force of evil itself, a demon.

I grabbed my cleansing tools and struggled to enter. Eventually, pushing my stubborn weight thru.

It growled and cursed for a while. I never gave up and ignored all the things it said. It might have worked on an ordinary person. Not me... I was known as "THE KAHUNA". Very rare in today's society but we exist... I exist.

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