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Chapter 8 The Third Room

The Third Room

The third room... The evil that occupied the space. It’s face contorts into many different things. My eyes never gave in. There was no fear in me. I belonged here in this time, in this world. The world of the living. This thing was the trespasser... the intruder.

The dimension it came from cannot co-exist here. I could not and will not allow it.

Our minds became one. We saw what we both were. We were two strong headed “Hoo Paakiki” (Obstinate) entities, nothing could change our minds on what we needed to do, to come out ready to fight in order to stay in this world.

It’s blackened shadow and eyes of the color red. What nonsense was this?

It was almost similar looking, but I’ve seen it before. Back then I didn’t realize what I needed to become as a man. I didn’t understand the gift that God had bestowed to me. The path that I needed to walk.

I had seen this kind of creature, only once before when I was a young boy... eight years old in fact.

I was at my “tutu” man’s (grandfather) home and it revealed itself to me.

I stared at it, a little scared and shaken up. I had seen many walking spirits that roamed this earth clueless of where they were or that they were not living any longer. But this thing was black, oozing bad and all things not good came off from it. Negative energy.

“You see that boy?” he asked, as I glared at the inhuman mist.

Unaware that my grandfather was watching me, until... he spoke. He could see it too. I thought, I was cursed with a cruel gift. Not knowing if anyone else could see what I could.

I nodded as in agreement. The hairs on the whole of my body raised on its own, giving me a chilling electricity through me.

“Never let this kine take you. Stand your ground... No be scared. Show no fear. They are nothing.” he hissed, glaring fiercely at the evil thing. “You heard me?” he said, emphasising on the three words.

He stood from his seated position. His height reached almost 6′4.

“ʻAʻole ʻoe ma ʻaneʻi. E hoʻi i kou wahi i hele mai ai.” he roared, with dominance and determination in his tone. In english it meant (You don’t belong here. Go back where you came from.)

Just like that... it disappeared.

Remembering the memory had given me extra courage... extra strength. I know how to defeat you...

I could sense it read my thoughts.

That thing smiled, then hissed and barred its sharp razor like teeth.

I was mentally preparing myself. It wanted to possess my mind. My soul. Clearing and cleansing myself was the best way to defeat this beast. This type of evil would not play fair. It had no rules to follow, to this thing it desired to defy goodness and spread evil where ever it would end up.

“ALEPH tantum in me posse putas te?” (You think you can beat me.) it said in latin.

I didn’t understand what it said. Out of nowhere I replied.

“Yes... I can and I will.” I could only assume that it was the help of my now deceased grandfather who was spiritually here guiding me.

The form paced back and forth. It was stuck in a corner of the room. The only way to pass was to come thru me. It was getting antsy and irritated with me. It hated me being here. It hated the fact that I was going to rid him of this place.

I wasn’t going anywhere. Not because I had to. It was because I wanted to. There was no man on this earth I had feared. There would definitely be no non living man, woman, child or beast that would make me submit. Especially, this foul creature who thought much of itself.

It knew that I was going to stand and fight...

In a cowardly manner... he flashed a glance at the bedroom door causing it to slam shut behind me.

I never moved, winced or cared what just happened.

“So you think that will scare me?” I said to myself.

I closed my eyes...allowing my “Mana”, (spirit) to take control. I saw things in a different light. Divine and all that was good and correct.

In my trance... the creature became stiff. Like it was fastened in place. No... it wasn’t stuck. Several ancestors who had already passed were there. They held him in place, it couldn’t move a muscle.

I opened my eyes to find it was true it was speechless and stiff, like a statue.

Ti leaf in hand. I dipped it into the bowl of water I had blessed and prayed upon. I walked straight toward the demonic thing and flicked the leaf to spray the content at the creature. Smoke rose out of it.

"ʻAʻole ʻoe ma ʻaneʻi. E hoʻi ʻoe i kou wahi i hele mai ai mai a ʻaʻole i hoʻi hou mai." I repeated the words my tutu man had said a long time ago, except I added that it should never come back.

The words echoed like a roar in the room.

I knew I couldn't stop. I needed to repeat the process until it no longer existed. After a few moments... It was disappeared.

It was trying to say something, as it began to fade. But, I didn't care it was done.

I continued with the cleansing ritual. Making sure to bless everything in my path.

My future senses went on alert. I understood that I wouldn't be able to control any other spirits that came here after I leave. The spirit world was connected to someone here. I had to find the child who had the gift.

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