The End Apocalypto

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The plan

Writing as Fox

The distinct sound of a skull getting split in two came from Tang’s corner; looking back two crawlers were bleeding out on the floor and on top of them were Dz and Kay with metal bats in their hands. “Man that was a close call… hey Tang you okay.” Said Dz, but Tang didn’t reply, he was shivering and breathing heavily. Looking at Tang’s face we could all tell why he couldn’t speak. As Dz walked towards him something came out of his mouth but the rest of us expect Kay who was standing right behind Dz were too far to hear, so I couldn’t help but wonder what he was saying. Soon as Dz was done Kay shouted not too loudly but enough for everyone to hear, “Let’s go!” He then led the charge to clear up the rest of the crawlers and we finally secured the bus.

We sat down and continued with Dz’s plan. In the plan we needed someone to open the garage doors which was going to produce a lot of noise, someone to obviously drive the bus, someone to stay with the driver and the rest were going to get inside the girls hostel and get the survivors. The roles were as follows Dz as the driver, I as the guy to stay with driver (Dz), Kay as the guy to open the garage doors (the most likely one to die in the process...Am just kidding...Maybe) and Bhara, Tang, Charles, Colid are to get the girls. Everyone except Kay got inside the bus, Dz started the bus and Kay said, “Once the door is open enough drive through and slow down enough for me to get on the bus okay.” “Don’t die.” Said Dz, I could see the trust in Dz’s eyes as Kay nodded his head, he began pulling the chains with all his might and when the gate was high enough we drove through. Kay let go of the chain and the door began its fall to the ground, he managed to slide under it just a few seconds before it hit the ground, when the gate collided with the ground, the earth began to tremble as a mighty rumble echoed from the ground. A swarm of crawlers were attracted by the noise, Kay wasting no time dashed towards the bus, but he timed his jump incorrectly and his fingers were so close but he wasn’t going make it…

Writing as Kay

That brief moment my world began to slow down, my life flashed before my eyes and damn it was short. “Am not done with life yet, I haven’t even slept with a girl…shit at least my sacrifice was not for nothing” or so I thought picturing the end of my story but then something grabbed my wrist and tossed me into the bus, “Gotcha… hey Dz we got him step on it”. It was Fox who saved me and with that Dz said, “Everyone remembers the plan right… because shit is about to get real.” We smashed through the girl’s hostel fence and everyone except Dz and Fox came out of the bus. Dz and Fox made as much noise as possible in the bus and attracted the crawlers to them and then they drove out of the hostel towards a hill with a steep fall which was where they were going to dump the crawlers.

After they led most of the crawlers out of the area, the guys and I moved into the hostels to search for any survivors hopefully without becoming a crawler’s meal.

Writing as Carla

The corpse lying on the floor right in front of me is my best friend, the dark red blood on my hands is hers, I heard to bust open her head when she tried to rip my throat off and all of this just happened a few hours ago. We were braiding our hair all night yesterday when she started coughing out blood, I tried looking for help but almost everyone was in the same condition. Instead I looked for a towel and water to try helping the fever to cool down but, when I got there she was already dead. I poured out tears on my dead friend but when she started moving I felt such joy for a moment but not long after my smile faded and only pain and sorrow remained.

She looked at me with her grey red veined eyes and I wondered whether if she was okay. I tried pocking her on the face but she did not react but when I said, “Tina please say something.” She did more than say something, she tried to bite off my neck.

When I grabbed her head before she tried to bite off my neck she seemed twice as strong and eventually I was on the floor wrestling my way out of her jaws; I reached out and grabbed her high heal from under the bed and jabbed it in her head continuously until she stopped. Looking at her lifeless body brought more tears. I moved backwards to the far corner of the room to try and figure out all this and all I could think about was the corpse in the middle of the room, I felt so scared and confused. I said (in a soft shivering voice), “Someone please… help me.” A bit far into the distance I heard something crash and a loud roar from an engine that sounded like the school mini bus. Then the voice of a boy calling out to the crawlers came followed, after hearing all that I felt a glimpse of hope.

After hearing all that I saw this 3rd year boy named Kay coming toward me and grabbing my hand telling me to follow him. I got up, wiped out my tears, pulled down my night gown and followed him into the other dorms where he was saving the other girls who survived the crawlers. I wondered whether it was because he saved me or that he was risking his life to save us all but I couldn’t help feeling attracted to him. I saw other boys leading some of the girls who survived to the middle hostel recreation, then a short light skinned 3rd year boy named Colid got our attention and said “Listen up… we are all going to the library where we will meet up with the rest of our guy who are driving the school mini bus but we will move in groups of 5 to avoid attracting any crawlers and when we get there Kay will tell you the rest of the plan.” He seemed like a good person though he couldn’t stop looking at the girls wearing see-through night gowns that were especially short. Kay told us to remain calm and silent while he went to check if the coast was clear and also if the bus was already there while the others guarded the entrances of the recreation, I said to him, “Be careful.” And he looked and smiled at me before he left.

Writing as Fox

Banging the door was a great idea to attract the crawlers but in the end it worked out to well, over 200 crawlers were on our ass, which was about half the population of the school (more or less). As Dz was driving toward the cliff I asked him how we were going to lose the crawlers and he said, “Get the chain at the back of the bus first.” Stumbling while getting to the back of the bus cause Dz’s was maneuvering the bus through the road I got the chain and then he said, “We only got one shot, I need you to tie the chain to one of the seats in the bus, and make sure it’s stable and sturdy.” I tied the chain as securely as I could and when I raised my head I noticed we were approaching the cliff fast, I shouted, “what next!” and Dz said, “Am going to stop the bus for a few seconds and you go and tie the chain to the tree… don’t worry the chain is long enough, I think. After that hide behind the tree and I’ll come back after the crawlers are downhill.” Confused I said, “Are you sure this will work?” and he replied saying that we don’t have time to think of a better one, we in a sticky situation right now. I reluctantly agreed. So after a couple of minutes he stopped the bus and said, “Hurry up the crawlers are approaching really fast” when I finally got to the tree my hands were so sweaty from how freaked out and nervous I felt. “What if Dz dies cause of me?” is what I kept thinking but I knew I needed to keep calm, so I clapped myself and began securing the chain around the tree’s trunk. The crawlers were getting to close for comfort so I picked up the pace and when I was done I gave Dz the sign that the chain is secure done and he began to rev the bus to make sure the crawlers attention was on him then he sped toward the cliff. When the crawlers were about to catch up to the bus Dz turned the bus and performed really sharp turn, I could see the bus drift while it got closer to the cliff. Then all the tyres of the bus were no longer touching the ground and I could hear the strain of the chains as they began making a creaking sound.

Writing as Dz

The moment I turned the bus it lost contact off the ground, everything was moving in slow motion and I felt like I could do this, my heart was beating so ferociously and my breathing had no rhythm and so I thought to myself, “So this is how Vin Diesel felt.” But then everything went back to normal the moment the bus shook, it seemed like the tree was about to uproot but I was so close to getting back on land and I kept saying, “ Please baby please baby…. Am still a virgin for god sake!” Behind the bus crawlers fell from the edge of the cliff like a waterfall and with that half of the plan was done; now all I needed to do was get back alive. The bus was almost back to the ground when the tree bent to my direction, the back of the bus hit the edge of the cliff before bouncing back to the ground. A bit of the back of the bus seemed busted but I didn’t have time for that, I needed to get the hell out of the area so Fox managed to unravel the chain and hop back on the bus when I stopped near him and we began driving back to the others.

We saw Kay standing on the rooftop of the double story library most probably he was waiting for us. We stopped the bus and Kay came down to meet us.

Kay: Can the bus still move. I can see that the back is busted?

Fox: It can still move but were not sure how long it can move.

Dz: Bhara will need to check it if it can still move. In the girl’s hostel did you guys find anyone?

Kay: Their about 30 or so who survived.

Fox: What were they wearing? Were there in sexy see-through night gowns?

Kay: Dude they’re even better than what we imagined. You’ll understand when we get there and see for yourself.

Fox: What are we waiting for? Let’s go.

Dz: Hop on if you want to see babes in see through night gowns.

Kay: Remember they’re supposed to come here and get on the bus.

Fox: Where are they?

Kay: They are in the center of the hostel being guarded by the guys. I’m going to tell them that it’s safer to come out to the bus because the bus will make noise and attract the crawlers.

Dz: Cool man.

Fox: Just hurry up man.

Kay dashed back to the guys and told them to come to the bus with the girls.

Kay came back with the first group of girls and told them to hide inside the library where it’s safe. Bhara also came with them and we asked him to check the bus and he said, “It won’t reach the nearest town like this because the exhaust is blocked but will need a hack saw in order to cut off the blocked part.” And then I remembered that our boarding master kept a hack saw in his so called office under the boy’s hostel tree. But when all the girls came we asked if anyone knew where to find a hack saw and weirdly one of them used a hack saw to cut off the throat of one of the crawlers. Kay and Colid volunteered to go get the hack saw in girl’s hostel number 2(the hostels are numbered). When they came back with the hack saw I suspected that things were going way too smoothly, but I just ignored it and we started cutting off the blocked part of the exhaust.

There was a moment of silence when we finished repairing the exhaust pipe and out of the blue we heard a loud shriek for help that faded out after a min Fox, Kay, Bhara and I immediately noticed that it came from inside the library. We dashed in to see what happened and we saw a 2nd year girl ripping the wind pipe off another girl (who apparently we did not know). Charles and Colid immediately hit the two girls with metal bars on the head and Tang said, “Look at that girls shoulder, it has a bite mark on it.”

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