The Wendigo

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Wendigos, one of the most feared and powerful creatures in Native American mythology. They have existed as spirits for almost as long as humans have been around, tricking and feeding on them. Only through the breaking of a powerful taboo, cannibalism, often by tricking a person into committing the act, do they have the power to possess a person. Those unlucky individuals are forced to watch as their soul is frozen, becoming the heart, as the Wendigo takes control of their body and uses it to feast on any person unfortunate enough to cross their path. What happens when one takes control of a tribal woman in the 2000th century and runs amok till modern times? Can it be stopped or will it leave a trail of bodies a mile long?

Horror / Action
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Upside Down Valentine

Ontario, Canada February 14, 1973

Jessie paced around the cabin, tears streaming down her cheeks as she wrapped a thick blanket tight around her to keep from freezing. “Oh man, oh man, oh man, what have I done? I knew this was a bad idea, I knew it.” Jessie cried into her hands as she sat down on the couch.

Jessie looked across the cabin, to the far side of the wall, to see the body of her boyfriend, Alex, lying there. Just seeing the body brought tears to her eyes to the point where she could no longer contain them. She collapsed to her knees, bawling like a newborn baby.

“Why, why did I agree to come here? There were so many other places we could’ve gone. Was I really so desperate and lonely that I agreed so easily to come to this horrible place?”

Valentine’s day started out romantic when Alex snuck into her room, after her parents had grounded her, and convinced her to sneak out with him to his family’s cabin located deep in the nearby mountains. Parents warned the children about going into the mountains alone because of the evil spirit that supposedly inhabited the area. Most of the kids, and even the parents, considered it to be a joke to keep the children from roaming too far away from the village. Even though Jessie didn’t believe the myths she was reluctant at first, she had never been alone with a male before, but Alex quickly changed her mind. They snuck out and took Alex’s jeep deep into the mountains, quickly located the cabin, where almost immediately became heated. Things were just getting spicy when the avalanche hit out of nowhere. Jessie and Alex were so enthralled in their make out session that they didn’t even notice the avalanche till it was nearly on top of them. By then they did the show slammed into the cabin and broke through the wall with the force of a semi-truck. Jessie was thrown across the room and knocked unconscious. When she came to the cabin was buried deep under the snow and Alex was dead in the corner. That was two days ago.

Jessie buried her head in her hands and cried. “Why did this happen to me? I was just making out with him. Surely I don’t deserve to be punished.”

Jessie’s grief was interrupted by her growling stomach. The sound and feeling of an empty belly reminded her of another horror of her situation. Due to their brief and secret visit, Jessie didn’t stock up the cabin with food before their trip. They didn’t plan on staying at the cabin for more than a few hours, long enough to make out and for Jessie to lose her virginity. Instead, there she was, stuck in a cabin buried under more than a dozen foot of snow, with no food and no one knowing she was there.

“What am I going to do? No one knows I’m up here, and with this storm it’ll be days, if not weeks before they get up here.”

It’ll be longer than that.

Jessie jumped at the sound of the deep, dark voice echoing throughout the cabin. The sound of the voice sent icy, cold shivers down her spine and the hairs on her head to stand up. To Jessie, the voice sounded inherently evil, almost death-like. However, hearing it speak there was something smooth, convincing behind it, making her want to hear more.

She stood up and looked around the cabin to find no one around, only Alex’s body. “I must be hallucinating.”

People often experience hallucinations when they’re hungry.

A shiver traveled down Jessie’s spine again upon hearing the voice. That time it sounded like it was speaking from within arm’s length, definitely NOT in her head. But, no matter how much she looked around there was no one there but her. However, something inside Jessie told her that she was being watched, by something not human.

“Ok, now I know I heard something.” Jessie stood up and shouted. “Who and where are you?”

I guess you can say I’m a friend, looking out for your wellbeing.

“Really, a friend, I find that hard to believe. I’m going to take a wild guess that you’re a spirit.”

Ah, smart and beautiful, a rare combination.

Jessie fought back a blush, she found it a little creepy that a spirit was flirting with her. “Well, my mother is from the Algonquin tribe, I have some understanding of spirits. But, something feels really weird about your presence, I just can’t put my finger on it.”

People usually do feel uncomfortable when a spirit suddenly appears. They tend to forget that we are here to guide people.

Jessie crossed her arms and looked down at the ground. She regretted not listening to her mother’s teachings when she was younger, she’d often spoke of the spirits. Jessie just dismissed her mother’s teachings, refusing to believe in spirits, often saying they were just natives coming up with ridiculous explanations to things they didn’t understand. But, there she was, talking to a spirit, causing her to doubt everything she believed.

“Ok, then how are you going to help me?” Jessie asked with a hint of sarcasm.

Physically, I can do nothing to help you, but I can offer you suggestions to survive.

“Huh, that seems to be a real limit to your abilities. As you can see, my situation isn’t exactly ideal.”

Sarcasm never gets anyone anywhere young one. And the situation isn’t as hopeless as you think. There are ways to survive . . . if you’re willing to take drastic steps. The voice echoed in a deep, suggestive meaning.

“Okay, I’m sure I’m going to regret asking but what are you suggesting?”

You’re a smart woman, I’m sure you can figure it out if you just think about it.

“Wait, you’re not suggesting what I think you are?” Jessie gasped as the horrid thought entered her mind. “You want me to eat Alex to survive?”

I don’t see what other option you have. You have no other source of food in the cabin, and digging your way out of the snow will most likely kill you. Even if you do make it out the chances you’ll survive in this cold is almost nonexistent. Another matter to consider is if the cold doesn’t kill you the wolves will. They have been roaming quite a bit lately looking for any source of food. A young woman like yourself would be ideal for them. From what I see it doesn’t look like you have much of a choice.

“But . . . I . . . I can’t do such a thing to a boy I care about. It’d feel like I’d be betraying him.” Jessie stuttered.

I’m sure he would want you to survive if he really cared about you. From what I saw he was more concerned about getting into your pants than about you or your feelings. But, as dark as it sounds, he’s not around to voice his objections anymore, what he wants doesn’t really matter. What does matter is are you strong enough to do what it takes to survive.

Jessie looked down at Alex’s body, instead of sorrow hunger filled her mind. She knew full well that what the voice suggested was not only wrong but broke an ancient taboo. Every moral fiber in her body told her to ignore the voice but her instincts, particularly hunger and survival, told her yes. She could feel her reasoning and conscious being drowned out by her hunger, as if something was influencing her. Her instincts were screaming wildly in her mind, trying to drown out her reasoning to the point where her head felt it was being pounded by a sledgehammer. The more she tried to reason the louder her hunger screamed till she could no longer take it.

“ALRIGHT, I’ll do it, or at least try to.”

Don’t worry, I’ll help you get through it. Just touch his body and I’ll block your memory so your instincts take over. You won’t remember a thing.

“Really, why would you do such a thing?”

Because, I need your help with something. Consider this as my part of the deal.

The voice’s words confused Jessie a little. They stuck in her mind for a moment before her hunger overtook her and pushed the thought to the back of her mind, she would ask him later what he meant.

Jessie, took a deep breath as she approached Alex’s body. “I’m so sorry Alex, this is not how I imagined our Valentine’s Day to go, but if I don’t do this then we’ll both die.”

Jessie kneeled down beside Alex’s body, tears rolling down her cheek. Despite the fact that she was about to commit a horrible act, to a guy she had feelings for she felt surprisingly calm and it horrified her. She quickly put the thought out of her mind and touched Alex’s shoulder, the instant she did she blacked out.

When Jessie came to she remembered nothing, feeling as if only seconds had passed, and her stomach felt full. She looked down at her hands and gasped when she saw all the blood. Her hands and arms were covered with blood as if it was a layer of clothing. The mere sight of all the blood made her want to vomit.

“Wh-what have I done?”

Suddenly, a coldness shot over Jessie’s body, causing her to seize up in pain. Her entire body shivered from the cold, and the sudden drop in her body temperature nearly caused her to pass out. Felt like she’d just jumped into a pool filled with ice. She tried to breathe but each breath pained her, with ice particles coming out of her mouth each time she breathed out. Her skinned began turning blue from the cold coursing through her body. Jessie realized her symptoms were hypothermia, but it was so sudden and quick that there had to be an outside force causing it.

“Wh - what is happening to me? Why does my body feel like it’s on freezing?”

Exactly what I wanted little girl. The entire cabin seemed to shake as the voice replied to Jessie.

Through her pained vision Jessie could barely make out something nearly invisible making its way towards her. Squinting her eyes, the thing looked like light smoke moving gracefully through the air. The thing moved around slowly, stopping just in front of her. Suddenly, the thing changed shape, becoming fully visible to her, and if she wasn’t in incredible pain Jessie would’ve jumped back in fear. Floating barely a foot in front of her face was a red-colored mist in the shape of an unusual being. It appeared to be a skull of mixed animals, the head was long like a deer but had the jaw structure and long teeth of a canine. Large stag-like antlers sprouted out of its head confusing Jessie even more.

“Wh- what are you?” Jessie stuttered.

I suppose there’s no point in hiding it now. I am a Wendigo, the once great Achak.

If Jessie wasn’t in so much pain she would’ve gasped. She’d heard the stories of the Wendigo from her grandfather but thought they were just ancient stories to scare children. There were mentions of the name Achak but she couldn’t recall exactly where.

“Wait, I thought Wendigo’s were monsters, not spirits.”

We are both, ancient spirits that have roamed the world since the beginning of time, looking for someone to break the powerful taboo so we can assume our true form and power. I think you know what taboo I’m speaking of.

Jessie tried to growl at the spirit but the pain stopped her. Every breath brought incredible pain to the point where she could hardly speak. The pain and cold made it nearly impossible for her to be angry.

“You . . . monster.” Jessie muttered out.

I’m not the one that just ate a person. All I did was influence your hunger, you made the choice.

Jessie realized with the spirit’s words that it was the reason she gave into its suggestion so easily. The spirit had somehow influenced her instincts, to the point where her hunger overwhelmed her logic and morality. It had forced her into giving into her hunger, and she didn’t even realize it. The thought of it filled Jessie with rage, overcoming the pain and cold slightly.

“I swear . . . I will not . . . let you have my spirit. A monster . . . like you . . . will not win,”

I’m afraid you don’t have a choice, you’ve already broken the taboo, there’s nothing you can do. Besides, it’s not your soul I need, that is worthless to me. Your body is what I require.

The Wendigo flew forward towards Jessie, flying into her mouth inside her. Jessie was almost flown backwards as she felt the Wendigo fill her body, taking over everything. Within moments Jessie could feel her very essence dissipating, being overtaken by the Wendigo. If the legends were true what came next horrified her. Because of her choice the Wendigo had her body to do whatever it wanted, wondering the wilderness, devouring anyone unfortunately enough to cross its path. Scores of people will be its feasts while all she can do is watch hopelessly, till one day someone killed her, which most likely won’t happen.

“Worst . . . Valentine’s . . . Day . . . Ever.”

To be continued.

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