The Bridge

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The story is about a 14-year old kid who experience something supernatural 2 days before Christmas

Horror / Drama
Anthony Richmond
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The Bridge

Hello, My name is John I'm 16 years old and I'm going to tell you about that one snowy night that still haunts me to this day.

It was December 23, 2016, 2 days before Christmas, Me and my 2 little sisters were heading over to a Christmas party. They were giving away all kinds of gifts Xbox, ps4, iPhones you name it but in order for us to get in we needed someone with an ID.

5 minutes later we got back to the house in ask are brother who was an adult could he help us get into a party and He replied "No bro I'm reading a book' which was a lie he had a porno magazine over the game of thrones book, I was extremely angry that he wouldn't take us then he told me "you better stop being so ungrateful or the Christmas demon will get you' I laughed so hard.

While we were about to leave, my 9-year-old cousin ask to come with us to the party so I bought him with us. When We got back to were the party was, we asked them 3 times the same replie "you need an ID' then my cousin yelled out "GO FUCK YOU", My two sisters were laughing were because we never heard him cuss before but i didn't laugh I was so pissed. As I was just standing there acting like a 9 year old my cousin asked me am i going to the store with them, I just looked at them with this intense look on my face in said "I'm going back to the house'.

While they were going to the store I had walked back to my house which was 2 blocks away from the party.

When I was walking back to the house it was really dark, The snow was coming down heavy and the snow was so deep I could barely walk.

As I was walking back to the house There was a bridge down the street from my house all of sudden this error feeling started coming, The hair in the back of my neck stood up it felt like someone was watching me but then I saw something at the corner of my eye it looked like a black figure by the bridge.

The black figure was just standing there but something about it was off, It's body didn't look human it looked this character I was afraid when I was 5 years old... It looked like that guy judge doom from who framed roger the rabbit you know when his body was flat and I yelled 'HEY ARE YOU ALRIGHT' no response then I started moving forward for some reason I felt like it was mimicking my movements.

As I turned in looked at it, Its had one foot on the road another on the concrete so for some reason I decided to wave my hand then it waved back... At that moment I really started to freak out and thats when I yelled 'WHAT THE HELL DO YOU WANT' then it looked at me with this big yellow eyes and I just said 'Fuck This' I didn't give a fuck how heavy the snow was I needed to get home.

As I was running I can feel it following me then I slowly turned my head to see the thing was running at me It had a deformed body in it had... my face "no what is this' That's when it said something to me I will never forget "This is what you'll become, This is what you will be ". I literally almost shit my pants then As I got to the front door I started knocking yelling "OPEN THE DOOR 3x" and soon as I turned around there was nothing.

My brother opened the door in I ran into the house in told him what had happened "Well that should teach you to appreciate what you have in stop being greedy" and He was right, I believe what I saw was the darker side of me. This story is really telling you to appreciate what you have because you might become that monster.

The Bridge

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