Nightmare Fuel

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Short stories that will fuel your nightmares.

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It's Underneath

I was just 7 when I started to experience the monster under the bed phase, at least I thought it was a phase; I’m 19 now and I still believe there’s a monster under my bed. I’m sure I’ve seen it. No one believes me. I don’t know why this monster is targeting me but it just is. I placed a camera in my room last night and I could not comprehend what I had gotten. Last night I had been watched and it wasn’t like in the movies it wasn’t a shadow or an evil spirit but a person at least I think was human... I’m not so sure right now because I can’t find the thing that was watching me. I watched the video in shock as it looked straight at my camera and slinked under my bed... It isn’t under my bed. I have no idea where it could have gone but I’ll find out tonight. I’m scared, this time I placed the camera under my bed; It went underneath the ground to the basement I followed. I think it was expecting me to do this for it has been watching and carefully studying me. It knows my every move, if only I could move I’m paralyzed like a deer in headlights. The monster under the bed is here... No wonder I thought it looked human, it’s an exact copy of me.

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