Night Time Horror

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Never really seen it coming until reality came crashing down one day. Its true your greatest adversary is within yourself. An angel in the morning and the devil at night. A hard-headed knucklehead boy named Jeremy finds himself tangled up in a dark situation after not following his mother´s request. Remember if you don't listen there will be consequences. Joins a couple of guys in a forest for a couple of beers, but hearing something unusual and wandering off. Not being aware of a mysterious pod falling out the sky. Jeremy gets hit in the head. While being unconscious a dark matter is released from the pod. Then attached itself onto Jeremy and enter his body. Two days later, he encounters harsh side effects. Every night he wakes up in different places covered in blood and surrounded by body parts. Does losing time makes him a psychopath? Ask yourself

Horror / Thriller
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Session One

“Believe nothing you hear, and only one half that you see.” -Edgar Allan Poe

‘‘Unbelievable!’’ Would you believe me if I said I might be having a psychotic breakdown? Looking straight up into the heavens. A plain old boring white ceiling. Laying back against the clouds of a sofa. On the other side, there was a clock ticking from a desk. To be exact, it’s only been an hour and thirty minutes. It finally stopped its bickering. Until there was silence flooded throughout the room. Trying to gather all my thoughts into one. The past couple of days have been very horrifying. To be honest I haven’t been myself lately. It was like my body was put up for an auction and sold to the devil. I guess you can call me patient zero. You wouldn’t think a guy like me would harm innocent people. Something just doesn’t sit right with me. There have been numerous cases of casualties. I am very skeptical of how any of this has to do with me. Answers were needed, not lectures. Maybe it was my mind playing tricks on me. Suddenly, the door flung open. Footsteps approached very quickly. I turned my head and looked over. There was a woman standing in a white coat with pretty blue eyes and long golden wavy curls. She stood over me, like I was a corpse. She had the face of a baby doll and the most beautiful freckles. An angel who I hope would soon save me from all this darkness. All I heard was, “Sir can you hear me?” Finally, I came back to my senses when I heard my name.

“Jeremy Lockwood!!’’- she grabbed her pen and tablet- ‘‘what brings you here today?’’

Jeremy is currently at his psychiatric therapy session.

‘‘Hold up.’’

’’Before you speak ,I would like to introduce myself ,”, she said.

‘‘My name is Caroline, but you can call me Dr. Gilbert.’’

‘‘I am your specialist for today.’’ She walked to her stool and sat. ‘‘ I heard from your mother that you been acting strange lately.’’ A pause. ‘‘By the way, how old are you?’’ she asked.

‘‘I’m currently 20 years old’’, Jeremy said.‘‘Well, Doc I’m here because I have been facing abnormal behavior.’’

‘‘Can you elaborate for me?’’ she asked.

‘‘Well, this might sound very delusional.’’ He said, scratching his head deliberately. Jeremy starts to inhale and exhale before speaking.‘First, I started experiencing sinister thoughts.’

Next, my skin begins to feel like boiling hot water.’

‘Then intense headaches on and off , throughout the day’, he uttered. Aggressively hunger and anger’, Jeremy recalled. After, there were terrifying visions of massive killing.’ To be exact all the visions occurred in different locations’, he recited.’ Not to mention,” scratching his head curiously, here were body parts scattered everywhere.”

She sat silently for a few minutes. The room went completely dead until life was brought back.

‘‘I don’t know what to say at the moment, but the only way I can help you is to start from the very beginning.’’

Saturday morning, I walked down to have breakfast. Approaching the dining room not too far from the stairway. Walking through the threshold of the kitchen door. Instantly, my mom addressed me that it was a bad storm on the way. She went on and on about how she wanted me to come straight home. I remember saying, ‘‘I’ll try if I don’t get held up in traffic’’. I was lying because I was invited to have a couple beers at a little gathering in the woods.

All of sudden everything goes blank. Jeremy finds himself at a brick wall. Whether it would stumble or fall. Either way, he was at a dead end. There was another awkward moment of silence. With a flick of a switch, Jeremy goes into a convulsion.

His body began to shake rapidly.

Afterward, his eyes start rolling in the back of his head.

Therefore, foaming out the mouth.

At that very moment, Caroline was in shock; she started to panic.

Then the lights start flickering on and off.

Dr. Gilbert immediately stood up, trudging over to Jeremy.

″Are you okay?″Dr. Gilbert repeated, taking a long gulp.

In one blow, the lights went out.

Likewise, there was still no response from Jeremy. Frightened and uncertain what to do, Dr. Gilbert instantaneously attempts to find a flashlight. She scurried along in one path. Currently, the lights have been out for an hour and 30 minutes. Soon as she got closer and closer to her desk, the lights popped back on.

‘‘Phew! What a relief ’’, she rejoiced.

She checked to see if Jeremy had a pulse, but his body was super hot.

‘‘Jeremy are you okay?’’ she demanded

Caroline had no clue what to do or what was going on. Straightaway, Dr. Gilbert grabbed her office phone to call the paramedics. As soon as the paramedics answered, Dr. Gilbert addressed that Jeremy has been unconscious for two hours now.

‘‘What do I do?’’ she asked of the paramedics.

Don’t panic.

‘‘Where are y’all located?’’ they requested.

‘‘We are on 3811 Main Street Greenville, SC.’’

‘‘I need you to be patient until we arrive,’’ explained the EMT.

Dr. Gilbert waited calmly for what was asked of her. Several minutes later, the ambulance arrived and approached Sunflower Psychiatric Services. The paramedics entered through the entrance door of the building.

‘‘Move out the way, coming through!!!!’’

Ordering everyone to clear the pathway.

‘‘We are looking for Dr. Gilbert and her patient, Jeremy Lockwood’’, they [pandemics] contemplated.

‘‘Her office is on the right-hand side of the hallway’’, said the receptionist.

‘‘Also, take the room next to the first one.’’

A stroll to the right and two steps to next door.

Knock! Knock! Dr. Gilbert open up its the paramedics.

The door opens up abruptly.

‘‘Please, come in and follow me’’, she asked

‘‘Before we get started, we have a few questions for you to answer.’’

‘‘What happened?’’

‘‘What caused this predicament?’’

‘‘Did anything about him seem unusual?’’

‘‘How old is he?’’

‘‘Do you have any information on his parents?’’

‘‘He was having a convulsion’’, she [DR. Gilbert] recalled.

‘‘To be honest, I have no idea what caused it’’-tilting her head- ‘‘I just know he started shaking and foaming out the mouth.’’

‘‘When first approaching Jeremy, he seemed perfectly normal to me.’’

‘‘Jeremy is 20 years old.’’

‘‘As far as I know, his mom is the only parent he got.’’

After the following questions, the pandemics prepped Jeremy for a launch to the hospital. Lifting him and placing him on the stretcher. Then, restraining him down safely.

Ma’am!! We need you to contact his mother; let her know he is on his way to the hospital.

‘‘Sure will!!’’, she promised.

They exited the office door, scrolling Jeremy down the hallway. Then, leading him past the guards, exiting the front entrance door. The paramedics put Jeremy straightaway in the back of the ambulance. Immediately, pulling off on the highway heading towards the hospital.

It got awfully dark outside. Then, it began thundering and lightning. Afterward, it started raining down like cats and dogs. One of the paramedics slashed open Jeremy’s shirt. RIPPP!!!! Sarah leaned forward checking to see if he had a pulse, but he didn’t.

‘‘Apparently, Jeremy had gone into a cardiac arrest’’, she stated.

‘‘Someone grab a defibrillator!!!’’, she demanded.

Sarah rubbed both pairs of paddles simultaneously.

Then, placing both on his chest.

1....2....3 ‘‘Clear!!’’

‘‘Again!!’’, she shouted.

1....2....3 ‘‘Clear!!’’

‘‘Hang in there’’- as she went in for another shock- don’t you die on me’’, she repeatedly stated.

1....2....3 ‘‘Clear!!’’

However, there was still no heartbeat. Although, there were three miles in counting left to reach Riverside Medical Center.

The ambulance pulled into Riverside Medical Center emergency entrance.

“Move! Move! Move! ‘‘Coming through, we have a patient that needs medical attention’’, the nurse [ Lauren] shouted.

The nurse was approaching room 2-2-5.

She took Jeremy in, unstrapping him from the stretcher, and then placing him into the bed. After stabilizing Jeremy she left to see if she could get a hold of his parents.

‘‘I need you to see if you can find some information on Jeremy’s parents’’, the nurse requested.

‘‘Here, it says that his mother is currently alive, but his father is deceased’’, the receptionist [Angela] confided.

‘‘Well, get his mother on the phone’’, nurse Sarah declared.

Angela gave Jeremy’s mother a call. She told her she would be there immediately after she left from work. One hour later, she arrived at Riverside Medical Center parking-lot. Instantaneously, running towards the entrance door.

‘‘Where’s my son?’’ she asked, approaching the office desk.

‘‘Ma’am! I need you to have a seat and I’ll be with you in few.’’

Claire disobeyed the order and tried to pick a fight.

‘‘Listen Ma’am’’-slamming her fist down on the desk- ‘‘ I want to see my son!’’

‘‘Ma’am!!! I need you to come down’’, she insisted.

Claire took a deep breath in and deep breath out.

‘‘What’s your son’s name?’’, the receptionist asked.

‘‘His name is Jeremy Lockwood’’, Claire said.

‘‘We’ve been waiting for you’’, receptionist Angela specified.

‘‘Well, have a seat and the doctor will see you in a few.’’

After, the receptionist told Claire to have a seat. She sought very patiently. Meanwhile, she was still waiting until she heard someone calling her name.

‘‘Claire Lockwood!!!’’

She immediately got up from her seat and walked quickly towards the doctor.

“That’s me!!’’, she yelled.

Before the doctor ever spoke to Claire, a nurse walked up and whispered in his ear.

‘‘I’m afraid that I have bad news’’, he explained.

‘‘What is it, Doctor?’’ she asked.

Code blue!!! Code blue!!! Code blue!!!

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