Night Time Horror

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Patient Zero

‘‘I am sorry, Mrs. Lockwood’’, said Dr. Tucker. ‘‘Right now I have to get back to dying patient.’’

‘‘What about my son though?’’ she asked

‘‘I will get back to you as soon as possible.’’

Doctor Tucker left immediately after, heading into surgery. Mrs. Lockwood was very disappointed that she couldn’t get the info she wanted on her son. She tried to be very optimistic about the situation. Hours after hours, there was still no hearing from Dr. Tucker. Mrs. Lockwood couldn’t bring herself to think her son was dead. It was too good to be true. Dr. Tucker was coming around the corner; he walked straight up to Mrs. Lockwood.

‘‘It looks like your son, Jeremy, has an unknown condition that we can’t diagnose,’’ said Dr. Tucker. ‘‘We have done everything in our power to help him.’’

‘‘So, my son could be on his last legs’’, she said.

‘‘Well, it’s very strenuous at the moment to tell when he will pass away; we put Jeremy on a ventilator.’’ ‘‘Right now, he’s not breathing on his own.’’

Tears began rolling down her eyes. At the moment the tears were inevitable. Mrs. Lockwood’s whole body began to crash down as she fell to the floor. For the time being, she wanted to be left alone.

‘‘In my condolence, I would do everything in my power to get him back up and running’’, said Dr. Tucker.

He turned his back and left in grief.

‘‘I did everything I could as a single mother.’’ ‘How did I let something like this happen to him?’ ‘‘It wasn’t a piece of cake for me and him when his dad died.’’ ‘‘I just can’t sit here and do nothing.’’

‘‘Do you need any comfort or a shoulder to cry on?’’ he asked.

‘‘No. I just want to be left alone at the moment.’’

He had nodded his head and left.

Dr. Tucker was headed to check on Jeremy to see if there was any progress. He had discovered the same results from the last time he saw Jeremy. Everything looked perfectly normal, but we all knew there was more to the picture.

‘‘Inform Mrs. Lockwood that she can come to see her son’’, he said.

The nurse left the room straight away.

‘‘Hey, Mrs. Lockwood you can come to see your son now’’, she said.

Mrs. Lockwood instantly followed the nurse to his room. Gently opening the door they went in tranquility. Mrs. Lockwood sat beside Jeremy’s bed. After, the nurse began to do a checkup on Jeremy. The best thing for him was that his mother was at his side.

‘‘Find your way back to me’’- rubbing back his hair on his forehead- ‘‘I know losing your dad wasn’t easy.’’ ‘‘You have so much to live for: family, college, life in general, and a family of your own.’’ I need you to have perseverance.’’

The machine began to go off. The nurse immediately ran over to see what was wrong with Jeremy. Mrs. Lockwood swiftly jumps up from her seat panicking. She began to breathe hard outrageously.

‘‘What’s wrong with him now?’’ she asked.

The nurse was too busy trying to figure out what’s wrong with Jeremy; she looked past what Mrs. Lockwood was asking.

‘‘We need to get Dr. Tucker in here immediately!’’

‘‘What’s wrong with my son?!’’

Knock! Knock!

‘‘I have received a signal from my office’’, said Dr. Tucker.

Dr. Tucker rushed over and witness that something awful has gone wrong with the ventilator. He didn’t know how to tell Mrs. Lockwood that Jeremy’s body has suddenly stopped fighting to live. So, he asked her to leave politely. Though, she refuses to leave Dr. Tucker’s decree a nurse to get her to leave. After five minutes of trying to get her to leave, she finally decided to depart.

‘‘Someone grab the defibrillator!’’, Dr. Tucker demanded.

One of the nurses on the other side of his bed without further delay rushes to get the defibrillator. In a hurry, she passes it to Dr.Tucker.


1....2....3 ‘‘Clear!!’’

‘‘Again!!’’, Dr.Tucker shouted.

1....2....3 ‘‘Clear!!’’

‘‘Again, but increase the voltage to 450!!’’, Dr.Tucker shouted.

Jeremy’s heartbeat only showcased a flat-line after. It was worth a try, but there was still no heartbreak.

‘‘Well, we tried our best, so let’s head Jeremy’s body to the morgue for an autopsy,’’ Dr. Tucker said.

Dr. Tucker departed from the room to contact Mrs. Lockwood. Now is halfway down the hallway from the waiting room. Finally, approaching the waiting; he walks in towards Mrs. Lockwood.

‘‘I don’t know where to start, but it looks like your son Jeremy has taken an unpleasant turn,’’ said Dr. Tucker.

‘‘Ummm.....What does that suppose to me’’, asked Mrs. Lockwood.

‘‘Well, Jeremy has clocked out and is no longer with us anymore.’’

Instantly, the tears began to become inevitable. She didn’t want to believe it was true. Pasting back and forth, holding her head in confusion. All you could hear was her shoes constantly going in circles.

‘‘We can help you contact a person for funeral arrangements.’’

‘‘We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it’’, she said.

‘‘I guess. Whatever is best for you; I’ll leave you alone until you make your decision.’’ Also, we’ve already sent Jeremy’s body to the morgue for an autopsy to see what caused his condition.

Mrs. Lockwood didn’t say anything after; she sat very quietly like she was held in solitary confinement for years. Dr. Tucker left. Meanwhile, scrolling down the hallway was Jeremy’s body heading towards the morgue. Approximately, not too far from the morgue, the lights began to start flickering on and off. The diners were very scared. Without hesitation, they ran straight through the doors immediately. They placed his body inside the morgue freezer and then after they left. Jeremy’s spirit was now sucked into the spirit realm. Placing him into a dark pit halfway between both heaven and hell. Jeremy saw a sparkling glowing light and he grabbed onto it and it returned his soul to reality. Everything reverted to normal. Suddenly, he began to wake.

‘‘Where am I?’’, said Jeremy.

How did I get here?

This must be a dream or a mistake.

Jeremy began to pull himself up. Then get out the morgue freezer. Suddenly, he began to develop uncontrollable anger. Therefore busting his way through the double doors. After plowing towards the window down the hallway. Jeremy made a jump for it falling six feet down to the ground. Therefore making his way past the hospital entrance walking in the middle of the street in traffic. Coming his way was a car looking to be driving real fast from a distance. Before you know it Jeremy is rising off the ground and suddenly lets out a poison toxic. It began to cover almost the whole street. All you could hear was please don’t kill me. And that’s when Jeremy began to realize he wasn’t himself. Not only was his soul contaminated, but also stolen from a creature not of this world.

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