The Third Floor

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In one fateful encounter, a high school student finds out that their school's spooky urban legend is actually real.

Horror / Thriller
R.D. Wright
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Chapter 1

I never believed it until that night.

Several of my high school batch mates and a few teachers had told me of a child wearing black who roams the third floor corridors after school hours. A few who saw him said he looked like a prisoner, and everyone told me they heard the ominous sound of chains being dragged on the floor.

Like any other urban or school legend, I shove the story off. It was only after that night that I realized some legends are actually real.

Our math club’s acquaintance party ended late. I was left alone with the club adviser on a third floor room where we held the party. Soon after cleaning and fixing the room, we went down to go home, chatting and talking with no thought of fear or ghosts in our minds.

My teacher proceeded to the office to log out. While I waited, I remembered I forgot my clearbook in the room. Without hesitation, I went back up to the third floor, even ringing the school bell as I passed by the library. I was alone, but I’m a brave man, and the ghost stories never crossed my mind.

I found both doors of the room closed but unlocked, and it was almost a full moon, so I went in and searched for my clearbook without turning on the lights. I found it by the teacher’s table. Relieved, I went for the door.

Then I heard the sound of chains being dragged on the floor.

I froze. The sound came from the end of the corridor, by the fire exit. I remembered the stories. For the first time in my life, I panicked. I wanted to run away, but my legs just won’t move. The sound came closer. Slowly, I inched my way to the open door and closed it.

I leaned back on the wood, all my senses alert. I was breathing extremely hard, and it was painful since I was trying not to make a sound. The chains moved noisily on the floor...getting louder every second. I closed my eyes in prayer. Scary images entered my mind, and fear crept upon me like I never felt it before. The chains moved with an eerie and unearthly sound. My heart beating as loud as the sound, I heard them pass by the door without a pause.

I was relieved, but it didn’t end there. I still needed to get down the stairs and leave this floor. As the sound became softer, I half-opened the door and peered outside. What met my sight stopped my beating heart. There, by the corner, was a figure of a small child in a black cloak. He was bald, and fettered around his wrists and dangling behind him were metal chains as long as half the corridor.

To my horror, the figure suddenly stopped walking. It was as if he sensed me. I held my breath for what seemed like an hour, my eyes horribly glued to him. Then slowly, the figure’s head turned to my direction. I soundlessly closed the door just in time, my eyes already teary from fright.

Then the sound of chains resumed. My eyes shot wide. I can’t believe it! The sound was moving to my direction. Every muscle in my body was tensed, every sense alert, but my mind was not working. I panicked, I wanted to scream, to shout, but I can’t produce any sound other than the gasps of air as I catch my breath. I hurriedly searched my bag for a cross or a Bible or anything to fight him off, but I know my lack of faith will defeat me. I was afraid, and there was nothing I can do about it.

The sound stopped right in front of the door. I buckled in fear. He was outside now. What would happen next?

Then he started scratching on the wood.

I was shaking as I placed all my weight on the door, making sure he can’t open it. Several seconds passed, and we were just like that, him scratching and trying to push the door open, and me leaning on the door, paralyzed and sweating profusely despite the chilling winds. Then the scratching stopped and the sound of chains resumed.

He was heading for the other door of the classroom!

The realization hit me hard. He would do anything to get to me.

That’s when I found back my courage. This was my chance. I swallowed, prayed, and waited until the ghost was almost near the second door. Then, in one quick eternal moment, I pushed open the door I’m leaning on and risked a dash for the stairs, screaming and never looking back.

I can only imagine the ghost as he moaned in anguish. It filled the stillness of the air with a horror so dreadful it made my bones shiver until now. I heard the chains being dragged as the boy chased me, but I ran as fast as my trembling legs could carry me, and thank God I made it. The next thing I knew, I was panting hard and breathing rapidly by the principal’s office, the club adviser and some late-night assistants startled and panicky as they asked me questions I didn’t want to answer.

Never will I forget that night. Never will I forget those sounds. And never will I dare to venture around the third floor corridors after school hours again...alone.


Author’s Note: This was written when I was in High School and was first published in The Central High Echo 2010 Issue. The Central High Echo is the official student publication of Central Philippine University High School, Iloilo City, Philippines.

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