Born again

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Life story of how I was consumed by sin, had demons attached to me, was heavily on drugs and still found my way back to Jesus Christ.

Horror / Adventure
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A walk with the devil and back to Jesus Christ

My unbelievable journey through the darkness into the light

Many people will tell you they’ve had supernatural and spiritual experiences, but I don’t think someone if anyone has had experiences quiet like mine. What seperates mine from others is well mine are real and half of the people that do say they have these experiences/encounters are just full of shit and doing it for attention/clout, whatever you want to call it. This is a story about all my insane experiences and my path to being born again in Jesus Christ after a long dark journey, that I thought I wouldn’t make it out of.

I was brought up in a Christian household. My mother being a Christian Author and my father a very devoted and humble man of The Lord. I went to church nearly every Sunday until I was about 15 or 16, and that’s where I started to rebel. I dropped out of school, was hanging with the wrong crowd and was headed on a very interesting and scary path. I’ve always known that God is real, and the only true God is the one that sent his son Jesus Christ, but at that time I wasn’t truly filled with the spirit. One night me and a couple of my friends decided to do a Séance. It was mostly my idea. I was the one to look up the “prayer” and how to do everything, looked up the demons names and their sigals and even had a oujia board to add zest, I guess you could say. Anyways we started messing around the board at first and nothing was happening, not to my surprise. So I then started reciting the ‘prayer’ to summon the three demons Baal, Azazel and Paimon and as I got done with it lights shut off, the door closed and my fathers stereo system turned on full volume and was switching through channels rapidly like a spirit box does. I freaked out of course and unplugged the stereo but it didn’t shut off, I kept trying to turn it off and left the room, it eventually stopped after about 3 minutes. My two friends Brookshire and Teddy who were with me left and I don’t really remember much about the rest of that night. I didn’t really think anything of it because I was 15 at the time and didn’t know as much as I do know about the spirit realm. Little did I know, I was about to have a shitstorm ahead of me.

About a year goes by and I was heavily into drinking at the time, and willingly left my parents house to go stay with a friend. One night we were all drinking out in his shed and I decided that it would be a good idea to go break into this dudes house (mind you he stole money from me the day before). Long story short I got caught and charged with 2nd Degree Burglary, shortly after that I managed to get 2 DWI’s before 21 and my 3rd one right after my 21st. I knew that all this bad shit happening was from the demons I regrettedly summoned. Bad things continued to happen one after another and yet I still didn’t turn to God. I actually turned more away from him. I became more and more depressed and tried to commit suicide a couple times, but Jesus kept me safe during those times. He kept me safe during my horrible car wrecks, and through dangereous situations that could’ve gone bad, but they didn’t because Jesus was still with me even when I was trying to push him away.

This whole thing is going to be all over the place because I’m not a skilled writer so just bear with me and hear me out.

I’m the furthest thing from perfect and anyone that knows me, knows that.

I continued to live in sin despite all the bad shit that was going on around me. I was consumed with sexual sin, cursing and turning against God, doing any and every drug I could get ahold of. On the topic of drugs, psychedelics specifically. I believe shrooms, acid, ketamine any drugs of that sort are just a gateway to demons. My first experience with ‘Aliens’ AKA demons is when I took 3000mg of zolof* and pretty much died. I remember almost 30 minutes passed and I got up to go throw up, but as Im halfway to the toilet, it was like time stropped and I went straight down hit the floor and was out. Then it was like I became aware again but everything was pitch black and I heard whispers off in the distance but couldn’t see signs that anything was there until my vision started to turn red, sorta like blood and then appeared two figures off in the distance. Right after I noticed them its like everything zoomed in and they were right in my face ( the greys), and they said they were going to take me with them this time. I couldn’t speak but I called out to Jesus in my mind and everything went black again and was like that for hours until I woke up literally a day later. I didn’t think much of it at that time until a similar incident happened at a music festival. I seemed to entice all the bad shit that was happening around me for so long until it just started eating away at my mind. I kept having sleep paralyisis, seeing shadow people nearly 24/7, hearing voices, random music playing, having weird encounters with animals, hearing what sounded like demonic creatures out in the woods at night. The shit was driving me crazy, BUT I still didn’t turn back to God, I continued to steer further from him and was taunting the demons I knew where attached to me at that time and began to think that these evil entities were doing good for me, yet it was only pain and sorrow.

A few years down the road and I was 17 almost 18 and got sent to prison for false probation violations, it seemed the PO just wanted to ruin my life and I believe that was because of the evil that was attatched to me. Surprisingly prison wasn’t all too bad, it was actually kind of fun. Nothing to stress or worry about and could practically do whatever you wanted. Anyways I wanted to kill myself when I figured out I was going to prison, but once again Jesus stepped in and provided me with a cellie that was a follower of Christ and he talked me into not doing it, read me some verses and that was the first time I really felt The Holy Spirit flow through me, I did read the bible while I was in prison but didn’t really pay attention to it or get anything out of it like I am now at this time in my life. I got out 10 months later, and that’s when I started using a thing I cant name cause the guidelines are stupid, getting more into sexual sin and just going against God in everyway. I threw my life away to meth, sold or traded nearly everything I had for it and let it take control of me, and that’s when the demons really started doing their work on me. They were making themselves known through tv shows, movies and dreams and it truly did scare the shit out of me. So I began to give into them and give them more power than I should have, I was doing things I would have never done normally, the thoughts I was having were so violent, disgusting and evil. I really didn’t give a shit about anyone or anything and was flaunting that I had these entities attached to me. My friends that I was hanging around with at this time did see things while with me like lights going out randomly, weird noises out of no where, seeing weird creatures in the woods behind my house, electronic disturbances constantly yet all but one person around me that were experiencing these things with me actually believed it.

The real turning point for me is when my dad unexpectedly passed back on May 21st 2019. I was slowly cutting off everyone and trying to quit the dope and one night I was at a party and my mom calls me to tell me my father had a heart attack in the terminal on the way back home from his interview. It was the worst fucking week of my life and my mother and sisters, he was on life support for 4 days and the whole time the nurses and doctors all seem possessed the way they were all looking at me, how they wanted to take my dad off life support the first day, how I had to continually press for them to take brain scans, because they said they did to my mom and sister, yet they never did one actual brain scan on him, everything felt like a nightmare. I drove back and forth from Grapevine Texas to Joplin Mo 6 times back and forth within 4 days with 0 hours of sleep for a full 7 while on meth the whole time, I was having the worst trip Ive ever experienced, I also had to drive through 2 tornados which I honestly don’t know how I made it through that. Well I do it was all thanks to God. That’s when something clicked in me and I finally reconnected with Jesus Christ. I got clean on Janruary 9th of 2020 after 7 years straight of not being clean. God turned my life completely around and he can do the same for anyone that truly wants and seeks him.

All of this sounds crazy, but it’s the real truth and I want people to know that Jesus Christ is the only way. You got to repent your sins, get rid of your pride, live like Jesus, read your bible and keep your faith. He’s the only way to be fearless, to be content, to be in pure bliss with no worry of all these bullshit worldly things we all have to go through. Everyone is just so used to living in sin and denying God and they are okay with it they don’t care nor need God. In the end they will realize they’re all wrong and all fool, but I pray for everyone or at least one person finds their way to Jesus through this. God bless everyone.

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