Giant Corona : The hell

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This story is about Corona virus how does it spread. There is one man who lived in China. He was pure vegetarian. He was against those who made soup of snakes and bats and then one day , he realizes that something is going to happen. Then , souls of all animals killed by chinese people come on one place and taken a form of giant corona. This giant had taken many of the lives. Then many superheroes came like Lockdown , Sanitizer and masks killed the giant and the world again started living happily.

Horror / Mystery
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Chapter 1

In China and in the entire world, it was the last day of the year 2019. People in the entire world were celebrating the New year party. In China, people were also enjoying it. Eventually, at 12 am happened a weird and scary event with animals. One day before 31st December 2019, on 30th December 2019, there was happiness and joyness in China and everyone was busy and doing work for the next day to commemorate the new year Party 2020. Everything was looking amazing and wonderful. There were different colours and everyone was excited about the party But, on the other hand, no one could ever think what was happening? Even non-vegetarians would be badly shocked when they will get to know that, for the party, Chinese people were cooking animal soup made up of bat and snakes. No one could ever think that how can this type of ridiculous and pathetic things happen? But, one family, which was living there was against this and due to this happening, they decided not to celebrate New year. So, they were unable to celebrate the party. On the day of the party, it smelt foul for them. As on the one hand, animals were getting killed and on the other hand, their family knew that it would be led to a great calamity for the whole world. One month passed, no one knew what was happening at the border of China. The spirits of the animals killed by Chinese people rallied at one place and for the whole world and especially for China, it took up the form of the great hall,” THE GIANT CORONA. “This Giant named as Corona was of red colour with a protection-giving shield. It was having that type of strong power which could take approximately one year or more than that to destroy it. Corona immediately separated its body into many small parts and gets into each and every person included in the killing of animals. And when scientists get to know about this thing, they give it name COVID-19.

After 3 months, it became dangerous as Corona started its Journey, from India, Italy and Spain and America, it spreads its effect in the entire world. Corona’s friends Sneezing, Cold and Crowd were helping it out to spread. The Giant had given the people a feeling of anxiety and consternation. At that time, doctors were diligently working to control its effects but Corona’s number was increasing instead of decreasing and was killing thousands of people every day. Also, whosoever was having Corona, some people out of them were leading to fatal death. Now to control it, his enemy or antagonist, MASK was incessantly thinking to control its effect. When it saw that many people’s lives were in danger, the mask came to fight with the Giant Corona. Happily, the mask wins the fight and Corona got defeated. But it’s story didn’t get over. Corona’s friends Sneezing, Cold and Crowd increase their power’s effect and mask got injured and Unfortunately, Corona won over the mask. Then the mask got injured badly. So to help it out, it’s best friend SANITIZER and LOCKDOWN were doing it’s treatment and got angry. Then, three of them made a plan by contemplating. Then their team gave Corona a challenge for the fight. When mask, Sanitizer and Lockdown went for the fight with Corona, they got success as Mask defeated Sneezing, Lockdown defeated Crowd and Sanitizer defeated the hell - Corona. Three of them were having a big hand to save the entire world. But if we look into it deeply, it was the message by the spirits of animals to the people living in the world that one day, killing animals would lead to a huge punishment greater than Corona. So Stay Safe# Stay Secure# Don’t be cruel. MORAL - Don’t play with environment and animals otherwise anything can happen; Either dangerous or weird....

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