Killers in the Dark

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Book 2 of the Darkness Collection. Sequel to Life in Darkness Rowaelin has become a creature of the night, she has accepted the other half of her heritage and is now stronger than those that came before her. The institute is gone and Adrian is promoted to the head of a chapter of an organisation whose outpost has been burnt to the ground. What they have in common? The desire for revenge. Adrian seeks to hunt the vampiress who burnt down his home and murdered his friends. But can he muster the strength to kill the woman he once loved? Rowaelin seeks revenge for herself, she seeks all who have ever wronged her, with the goal of killing them and making them pay for what they had done to her. But is she strong enough to face vampires older and more experienced than she and will she be ready for when her path inevitably crosses with Adrian's?

Horror / Action
Lekisha Hebb
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Many millennia ago, there once was a town, devastated by plague, one scientist was desperately trying everything he could to create a vaccine that would immunise people against the plague so that he, his wife and their young daughter could survive.

The scientist was experimenting on bats, the carriers of the virus, he injected them with his concoctions and waited for their symptoms to lessen. One of his experiments was doing better than the others, while most bats died from their sickness, one healed, and became stronger from it, the bat was then immune to contracting the virus again.

While the scientist was handling the animal one day, it bit him, and the wound on his hand festered, becoming infected by the end of the day and causing him to become bedridden under the care of his wife.

The following night, the scientist began to change, he recovered from his illness and became stronger than he ever imagined, with the ability to hear and see over miles away. But he was also filled with a hunger, one that hat him catching rats and draining eating them raw, relishing in their blood until their blood was no longer enough to satiate him.

One night, as he watched his wife sleeping, his hunger panged and he was taken under its control, it caused him to become blinded in hunger and the next thing he knew, his wife was dead in his arms, sickly pale as her blood stained his hands.

His hunger and grief had a hold of him, and the people of his home town became a feeding ground, however, those who weren’t eaten, became aware of the monster in their midst, and sought to defeat him.

They chased the vampire out of their town, chasing him with stakes made from wood carved from ash trees.

So the monster fled, with a new name attached to his sins; Vampire.

In Romania, they called him the son of the devil, Dracula. They chased him away from his home, then chased him south, until he was chased into the mountains, out of the human’s reach and far, far away from his daughter.

Several years later, in a small village high in the mountains, surrounded by thick woods the scientist sits secluded in a tavern drinking deeply from his cup until he is interrupted by some small chief seeking his power.

“Are you Jason?” the chief asks, hesitantly filling the seat across from the man.

The man reeks of power, he hides it beneath many layers of clothing and a thin layer of mud and dirk on his skin, but this man has power in his blood, a power the chief desperately seeks.

“Henry, John, Jason, all names I’ve been called,” the man gruffs, putting down his cup, “I do not care who you are, I will not make you like me.”

The man stands and then walks out of the tavern, pulling his cloak tightly around his body as he steps into the darkness and is almost immediately soaked by the rain.

“Please sir,” the chief says, racing after the dark-haired man, “my tribe is in danger, men come and kill us, our women, our children. I just want the power to defend them; to defend my family.”

The chief tells the man sweet little lies, trying to tug at the monster’s last shred of humanity and guilt.

“You want to be like me?” the man says, as he speaks the chief notices the gleaming white of his teeth as they lengthen into fangs and his eyes begin to glow dark red, “Do you want to live forever? Do you want to kill your own to sustain yourself?”

The chief takes a terrified step back as the beast stalks forward, growling as he straightens so he now towers over the small chief.

“I... I...”

“I commend your lies,” the vampire says as he grabs the chief by his neck, “I commend you on trying to lie to me, even though your heart sang the truth. Your tribe isn’t in danger, I’d wager it was thriving, especially without you. Let me guess, you asked your gods for power, and when they denied you, you sought out the devil.”

The chief struggles, clawing at the beast's arm in desperate attempts to live.

“I am not the devil,” The vampire growls as another set of fangs sharpen on his teeth, “I am something much, much worse. And you will regret finding me when you return to your home and find your family slaughtered.”

“Don’t touch my family,” The chief whimpers.

“Oh,” The vampire chuckles, “I promise I won’t ever even see your family, you will kill them the moment you see them, though you may deny it and try to avoid it, your blood hunger won’t let you, just how it didn’t let me.”

The chief is beginning to panic and bleat like a scared sheep, his heart is racing and tears well in his eyes as he regrets leaving his wife and children.

“Welcome to your life in darkness,” is the last thing the vampire says before closing his mouth around the chief’s neck.

The handsome monster’s fangs bury deep into the chief’s neck and venom is poured into the man’s bloodstream.

The chief dies that night.

He dies alone, away from his family and away from his home.

But he awakens the following night, he awakens with a hunger burning though him like no other.

His creator is nowhere to be seen so the man has to learn how to live in his new life by his self.

The town he awoke in is reduced to nothing but a pile of ash after he’s done with it.

When he returns to his village, he returns peacefully and is welcomed by his children.

When Chief Darius explains to his children of what he found and what he has now become, two of his children look at him in horror and tell him to leave, claiming they want nothing to do with his evil, especially not around their spouses and children.

Darius is not so inclined to leave, instead, he enacts revenge on his children, killing their loved ones and turning them against their wills.

The eldest son is turned first after Darius kills his wife and children in front of him.

The middle child is pulled into the darkness next, her children and husband are also killed in front of her before she is turned.

The youngest, without a wife or children, takes his father’s offer without needing to be threatened, he gladly walks into the darkness with a smile on his face.

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