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2 young adults go hunting in the woods to stumble upon an old cabin with dark secrets

Horror / Thriller
Anthony Richmond
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It was a hot sunny day, Every Saturday at 2:00 pm jack and paul always go to the woods to hunt deer". While Jack and Paul were heading to their favorite hunting spot, They spotted a person in a black rope walking in the woods "we should see who that was" jack suggests "I don't know jack we don't even know what she could be a killer psycho or worse" Paul replied, what do we have to lose "jack answered".

When they were heading to see the person in black, They Stumbled upon a half-eaten deer head cut clean off and guts are taken out, Jack in paul looked at each other with a worried look on their face then jack said "Please don't tell me this was not that person's doing" then all of a sudden a scream came out of no were.

As we heard the scream we decided to go see if it was a person that needed help. We ran to where the screaming was coming from it was an old cabin, "We looked at each other confused because we've been hurting in these woods for 2 months and never saw a cabin in this area that freaked me out".

While jack and paul had finally found the cabin it looked like someone lived there, There was smoke coming from the chimney also were weird-looking symbols around the cabin that looked like pentagrams for witchcraft.

Paul slowly opened the door and as they walked into the cabin the atmosphere felt off like they were being swallowed whole. Jack and paul saw a lot of weird things inside jars with different human parts hearts, eyeballs, and more crazy things. They looked at each other in said "we have to get the hell out of here". Soon as they were about to leave, Jack in paul heard someone opening the front door so they found a hiding spot.

While they were hiding, the person the black robe they saw in the woods was stepping into the cabin The person in the black robe then took the robe off and it was an old lady naked, As jack in Paul were in the other room the old lady went to her cabinet and grabbed one of her jars then ate an eyeball the juice from the eyeball Gussin from her mouth onto the floor.

While jack and Paul were experiencing this horrifying moment, They had made a plan, "okay we should snick past the old bitch while she's eating". As they started to crawl on the floor the old lady started eating a nose then there was a creek jack in Paul slowly looked up and the old lady was looking at them with a big smile, Jack in Paul got up and pushed the old lady out the way in started running.

As Jack in Paul, we're running, They can hear her laughing behind them saying "you'll be a great sacrifice to satan". They finally made it to the car and just drove to the police station. soon as they got there, they walk in filled with sweat and they explained what had happened then went home.

The next day they got a phone call from the police station and the officer told them there was no cabin or no old lady, they're eyes open wide with fear "thank you God for getting us out" jack replied and Paul replies "jack I believe what we saw was a witch". Jack in paul never believed in the paranormal but from that experience, They believe anything".


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