Fnaf-the crying child

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"Where am I!?" By this point I was screaming. " your part of us now"

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Chapter 1

"C'MON WAKE UP"my sister screamed at me. I opened my eyes. I was hoping this day would never come. But today we were going to five nights at Freddy's for my sister's birthday party. I turned to her "why do you like animitronics that move around! ?" She started to cry she was very emotional for some reason. She glared at me " i'm telling mom you yelled at me" she stuck her tone out and ran out the door slamming it.

She rolled her eyes. "She doesn't even have the guts to hug grandpa so why did she think she had the guts to tell mom" she whispered under her breath. She got off her bed and hit the floor with her bare feet. She heard a thud. She started to walk to her closet. She liked the swoosh of her clothes as they flew by on their hangers.

She found her favorite shirt. It was dark blue and was really soft. She put on the shirt and found a dark blue sweatshirt she started to browse her drawers and found some new socks. She heard a thunk and she started to get dressed. For the next few minutes she starred at the wall board. She heard a knock at the door. "Come in!" Her sister came in the room and glared at her. "You look afully" there was a long pause. "How do I put this...dark"she somehow felt offended by the she spoke.

She shrugged it off. "Is it time to go?" She asked her sister looked at her and nodded. She also had a burrito in her hand " is that my breakfast!? "She asked with a questioning tone.She glared at her and rolled her eyes." did you just roll your eyes at me?! " she started to glare at her sister even harder. Her sister glared at her back. "No I was just looking for another galaxy in the back of my head"her sister looked at her." do you want your breakfast? " her sister asked with a stern tone of voice.She nodded

Her sister licked the burrito in her handed it to her. She looked at her sister and licked the burrito again and handed it back to her "i don't want it anymore"she said with a sassy tone of voice. mom came up behind them and grabbed the burrito "if you don't want it I'll eat it" her mom grabbed the burrito and ate it.

22 minutes later they were in the car and you could hear the engine rumble she fell asleep and soon was taken up by her sister. She saw that they arrived. She got inside and smelt the stench of pizza. Pizza wasn't a bad thing to smell but if you smelt to much it clogged your nose.She needed to go to the bathroom but before she could get their she felt a sharp pain in the back of her head.

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