The Guts One Shot Story

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One shot story : The Guts A presentiment that something will go wrong. It was just a gut feeling that something might goes wrong, but do i have to ignore the KUTOB feeling? A school bus on their way to Manila after a Tour (Fieldtrip) that turns terribly wrong that shock the Ilocadian people, the story was based on a true story but changes due to the sensitivity of the events.

Horror / Thriller
Mairead Bryne
Age Rating:

The Guts

God gave us an angel before we even get born in this world, each angel has a power to enlighten our way, a guidance to every path that were taking.

Others gave us a sign, a heavy feeling that stained the warmed atmosphere cold and dark, I kept searching the roots of it but it leaves me like a book with a cliff hanger, wondering for answers. I try to ignore that gut feeling, by trying to get busy by packing up the stuff that I needed in our Ilocandia tour, preparing our uniform color coded t-shirt, I try everything to make my mind occupied but still, it's like a ghost that keeps on hunting me down.

Various questions are running inside my mind, leaving me with long deep breaths and paranoia, the rest of the tour was good, we went to Banggui windmills, sand dunes, and other famous places at Ilocos, Philippines it started to convince me that it was just the stress and the pressure of preparing myself since it was the first time in my life that my parents let me go far from them or without them, so I put a side that heavy and gloomy gut feeling and enjoyed the warm welcoming beach of ilocos norte, we went for a swimming, sleeping outside at the sea shore with a tent, maybe it was just a gut feeling at all.

On our way to manila, we're all tired from the pajama party and all we wanted to do for the rest of the trip is too sleep, finally. I'm convinced that I don't need to worry anymore, seating at the back of the bus, I slowly drifted to sleep, half way through my dreams, the bus suddenly stops, and when I opened my eyes, red stained covering like rain the windows onto my left, my classmate rushed to the right side with a bloody hell scream, some of them are fainting and half of them are passed out, including my friend Kim Subin, he fell to my shoulder and I have to take care of him like others do too. "Wala munang lalabas!' our teacher scream at the top of her lungs.

"Everyone pull the curtains down!"

I screamed as I saw that they become even more scared seeing the bloody window with a ground pork like brain dripping slowly on the window as if it was a rain, I look behind to see a pool of blood and gut traces from the tire wheel mark, on the hot ground of the road, two men lost its heads after they went under the tire, they don't even wear a helmet, their bodies twisted into any direction that's impossible for us to do, their bones and internal organs are flaunting out to the public's eyes, their electric bike are crushed at its worst state.

On that same day, our bus was the only one that stayed in Ilocos, we were transported to the hospital so that some of us will receive shots to keep them calm, my professors are crying, my classmates are crying over the phone asking for their parents to pick them up, while others who are not in shock are comforting others, while me, I have to stay with Subin who's shivering.

"You'll be fine, it's not your fault."

I whispered at him as the doctor giving him some shots to keep him calm

"Why are you not scared? There's two men who died out there" he whispered as he slowly begun to fall back onto my arms again

"It's a normal thing for me.." I whispered, leaving the doctor with a shocking eyes on me "..I guess"

"But, what happened there isn't normal for him, and for them, aren't you afraid or traumatized? Maybe you should drink some water for a while..." worried handing me a bottled water.

"Doctor, yesterday and earlier, I have a gut feeling that something might go wrong, and here it is, two men died. I'm surprised but somehow I don't feel anything at all, maybe because I know something might go wrong"

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