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A friendly small town face with a huge secret. Dare to read? Enjoy!

Horror / Action
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Business As Usual

Ching, Ching! Ching, Ching! " I'll be there in just a moment " Ray said in a cheery , almost giddy, voice as he quickly finished cleaning up the scraps of meat that fell off his slicer and started walking to the counter. " Ah, Mrs. Fletcher, It's always wonderful seeing your pretty smile in here " Said Ray as he was wiping his hands on his stained dark green apron. " Why hello there Ray. " Mrs. Fletcher said with a smile " Boy, you sure do know how to charm a lady. If I was just twenty years younger, I would scoop you up in a heart beat " she said in complete sincerity. " Thank you Mrs. Fletcher. Say, how have you been doing since Robert passed? " He asked with a look of concern. " Ray, I'll tell ya, it feels so empty sometimes. I know if I keep right with the Good Lord, I will see him again in glory. I reckon if it weren't for the Good Lord, I would just crumble into a thousand little pieces. The thought of seeing him again one day helps me get through these days on Earth. " She said with a small grin and a smile " See that's what I love about you Mrs. Fletcher. You always find a positive way to look at things. Now, what can I get you this morning? " He asked in a chipper manner. " Well I need a full rack of ribs, a pork tenderloin, two pounds of bacon, and five bone in chops, if you have any left " she asked looking around the shop to see if any chops were laid out. " Well, it's your lucky day Mrs. Fletcher. I happen to have some cut up all ready, I just haven't gotten around to laying it out in stock yet. " Said Ray as he turned around and headed to the butcher room to grab up the chops. " Oh, wonderful! I swear, Ray, you have the best pork in two hundred miles! " she said in excitement. " Why thank you!. It's because I raise my own hogs " he said proudly. " What is your secret to keeping the meat juicy and tender? " she asked genuinely. " Well, Mrs Fletcher, I could tell you but then I'd have to kill you ."

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