The Doll Collection

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A story about a serial murder

Horror / Thriller
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Chapter 1

I pulled out the knife. The steel was covered in blood.

I inhaled the sweet metallic scent. I loved blood and I love killing. In fact, I'm doing it right now.

I glanced down at the beautiful young lady before me. Her blonde hair fanned abstractly around her small head. My eyes return to the gaping wound in her chest. It was gushing blood all over her polar white rugs. Such an artistic scene I thought to myself proudly.

Her eyes were quickly dimming. Shes closer than I thought. I quickly grabbed my knife and continued plunging. Ever plunge getting me closer and closer to my electrifying high.

I stood up and admired my finished masterpiece. What a remarkable dead dolly she was. I carefully wrapped my sturdy steel knife and put it in my briefcase. I didn't need blood seeping into my papers again. It was a pain doing all those legal papers.

I made my way through dead dollys house. I eventually found the washroom and cleaned up. I always make sure I look sharp before I head to the office.

I head back down and grab my briefcase , one last look at dead dolly and I head of to work.

I carefully make my way to her basement and climb through the window that let me in. I quickly glance around making sure no ones around. I step into the sidewalk and quicken my pace to my car.

Ah , What a wonderful start to my day. I thought as I opened my car door.

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