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How a girls with the perfect life always get int all the trouble? A story about Riley who got trapped in a world where she can't be saved by anyone but herself

Horror / Fantasy
Gopika Krishna J
Age Rating:

The Three P's

What could have changed a girl's life so drastically, she couldn't say the difference between the reality and nightmare?

June 11th,

A wonderful day in Murray Hill. Riley woke up with the sun kissing her face through the window. The birds chirping, the cycle bells ringing, the wind hushing. All the signs of a wonderful day. She got up ,brushed her teeth, washed her face and drank an awesome cup of coffee. While she was going through the magazine, she saw a Gucci Black Leather Sylvie Boots, she has been waiting for them for a very long time.

While she was in awe with the boots, "I can't get no satis..."- her phone ringed. It was Zach ,her boyfriend. She picked it up "yeah, babe" ,he said something that gave her goosebumps, he said they needed to talk and we all know when there's a talk ,there's a problem. He wanted to meet her al the Fling Cafe at 7:00pm,that's where they had there first date. She asked if everything was alright.

He just said don't be late and then he hung up. Like any other girls she overthinked it.

She got ready by 10:00 and got on the subway to work ,she worked at a fashion firm. She almost devoted her life for fashion. She was the assistant designer at the firm. After getting off the subway she went to the Starbucks nearby to get a usual cold coffee. She got into her office right on time.

She went to her cabin left her things there and rushed to Eva's cabin ,who's her BFF. She stormed into Eva's cabin and said somethings going on and she explained what happened in the morning. Eva is more of chill type, from hearing what happened, she just stood silent.

Riley asked her what is it. Suddenly Eva's face exploded with happiness, she said "Damn girl, he’s going to propose", Riley couldn't believe it. Eva explained how meeting her in the place where they had their first date was a symbol. Riley disagreed, she said there is no way Zach is going to propose now it's only been 8 months.

Eva simplified the equation ,and that's when it hit Riley. She couldn't wait for it to be 7:00.

While the girls were busy planning the wedding their boss walked in and asked Riley to meet her at the conference room. She had no idea what for. She went to the conference room, her boss asked her to sit down.

"Riley your senior, Ms.Harleson has passed away and we have the spring edition in progress, if you don't mind can you be the head designer" . Riley was astonished by the offer yet felt sad about Ms.Harleson. She asked her boss if it was a permanent job offer. "We could never find someone with your experience, you know this company better than any other employees. This job is perfect for you”. Hearing this her day became even better.

She came out of the conference room rushing towards Eva's cabin to tell her the second good news. She saw two guys standing there with Eva. One looked like he came there from a rock concert and the other one was quiet charming. Riley went towards them. Eva introduced then to Riley. "Hey, this is Jake(rock concert) and this is Peter (charming) they are graphic designer and they are here to help me with the cover page.

"HI, I’m Riley "

"Eva has told us so much about you" said Jake

"So what happened" Eva asked

Riley told her about Ms.Harleson's death and also about the promotion.

"Gurlll..., I told that today's your day but not Ms.Harleson's"

'What's goin on give us the detail' said Jake

Eva told them about the proposal and the promotion.

Peter congratulated her on both.

The day passed slowly as she was daydreaming about Zach. While thinking about him she suddenly felt something was wrong. She felt every wrong thing that would stand on the way of their marriage. She felt something was missing. At that moment she realised that she doesn't want to be with Zach for the rest of her life.

Suddenly she felt all nauseous and ran to the bathroom. She looked in the bathroom mirror and suddenly started crying. She sat on the dirty restroom floor. Tears were Shredding from her eyes thinking what Zach would think when she says 'no' to his proposal. She felt stressed.

"Glushh....." Peter came out of the toilet. She asked him furiously what he is doing in the ladies restroom.

Peter said 'I'm suppose to ask that question '

She realized that due to the anxiety she ran into the men's room. Seeing her red face and runny eyes Peter sat down and put his arm around her and asked her what's wrong. She couldn't tell him cause they just met. Yet his caring and kind heart made her poor out all that's going on.

He told her after hearing her story "Do what you think is right and don't let anyone influence your decision ". Peter's face was so close to Riley's face she could feel the warmth of his breath on her lips. She felt something at that moment.

All of a sudden Eva and Jack storm into the men's room smooching, giving each other slimy frenches. Eva stopped kissing when she saw Riley and Peter on the floor. It took a minute for Jake to know she stopped kissing. He turned around and said " There you are gettin it on"

" OMG,what's happening Riley " screamed Eva looking at the sobbing face of Riley. She told her what she told Kevin. Eva was surprised hearing what she felt about Zach and then they took her to her cabin.

Eva told the guys to leave and they had a deliberate conversation about her decision. And they ended at saying no.

After that incident the time went 2 times faster than usual. They both left work and went to Riley's apartment. Riley got all dressed ,she wore a baby blue mini dress with her hair in a casual bun. She took the subway and reached at the cafe at 6:57. She saw him coming towards the door. She mustered up all her courage to face him.

He came in and asked her why she is sitting here. She was confused. He took her to the couple's table with a lot of privacy. They ordered the usual. Zack seemed nervous like any other guy but Riley was even more nervous about what's about to go down.

They both finished the food really faster than usual. Zach cleared his throat, she realised he's gonna do it now.

He said " Riley I'm very sorry, you are a really nice girl but I'm so sorry I can't do this anymore "

To be continued


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