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In Chicago Illinois, a married couple soon face their worst fears as the wife receives mysterious love letters from a secret admirer.but they must face death as a consequence. As a letter is delivered , inside it gives clues on who the killer is , and who there next target will be. It could be someone they don’t know or some one they dearly love.

Horror / Romance
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CHAPTER ONE: The first letter

A small town in Chicago Illinois , where no one ever dies and where no crime is committed. A married couple, Delainie and kole, had the most perfect marriage with three impeccable daughters and all lived peacefully.
The family had a favourite restaurant they would go to everytime it was someone’s birthday,Là Bonne Nuit.
It was a time where most of the family would get together and enjoy a meal and celebrate age.
The three daughters were called; Gabby,Adlynn and Londyn Mikleson.
Adlynn amd londyn are twins and they are 14,2 years younger than gabby.On March 19th , it was Gabbys 16th birthday and they ofcourse went to Le Bonne Nuit.For there main course they always share a family sized pizza with extra cheese and ice-cream Sunday’s for desert.This time , they got the same exept Delainie received a letter with her desert.

“Dear Delainie Mikleson,
You do not know who I am but I know who you are.Ive been watching you for years because is your indescribable beauty.Do not tell anyone about this letter or there shall be consiquences and your daughters would go perfectly with my Collection.

Since you are married you will reject me , so someone will have to pay for this sin.Someone you love deeply, maybe even one of your daughters or husband.Maybe your mother or father. And Maybe your best friends.

And here’s a clue about me, we went to higschool together. That’s all for now!

Yours truly,
Secret admirer.”

Reading this sent a shiver down her spine , she had to say something to protect herself and her family.She didn’t tell the police, she didn’t tell her husband.She told Gabby,her eldest daughter, in fear that she might be the first one to go ,as she sneaks out all of the time.She told her to warn her , to hopefully stop her from being careless and selfish.Gabby didn’t believe her mother so of course she had no choice but to show her the letter.Gabby was shown the letter , tears fell from her eyes as she had feared any of this would happen.From now all all she wanted to do was protect her family , especially her younger sisters, Adlynn and londyn.

Delainie and gabby decided they should tell the rest of the family, First , Kole was told and immediately picked up his phone and dialled 999.Before they could answer, Delainie grabbed the phone and hung up, it’s like her emotions had got the best of her. She didn’t know what to tel the police if it had dialled.Next , Delainie asked Gabby to speak to Londyn while she spoke to Adlynn as they didn’t want them to be in the same room.

Surprisingly, Adlynn wasn’t affected.Londyn on the hand freaked out , destroying her room in fear of losing a family member , she was mostly worried about her older sister, Gabby , who as you know tends to disobey rules given by her parents.

To get stuff off their minds , the family decided to go out to the theme park to enjoy a night out , with no worries and no letters. Or so they thought.

They all went on their favourite rides,pretending there’s nothing to worry about.While on there last ride, theFerris wheel, they noticed in carriage infront of them, a man couldn’t take his eyes out off Adlynn.No one noticed, except Delainie who got a shiver down her spine as if it was telling her to run.They got off and Delainie told Kole immediately.They started to walk, then jog , then run.Not noing that only two daughters were following

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