Midnight war

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A girl trapped through a harsh destiny, born only to suffer until she meets her end. Those around her are in danger of her curse. Only wanting to die she is sold to the highest bidder and begins her life with hellish creatures. Though will she meet a new destiny or keep

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Chapter 1

After the destruction of my entire family and village, at the age of thirteen, I was forced to go to where the nightmares of children become real and life, as you know it is no more my village called it “Camp Hell” though they were not to far fetched for the real name, is Purgatory. It is where they take children that are either sold or orphaned by no fault of their own to work as slaves until death or the age of seventeen. The camp is situated in the middle of nowhere and escape is impossible for you were surrounded by desert. Once there you are asked to remove personal belongings and if they are of any value they are sold and you are given a sack to wear and a number from now on you are addressed by the number given My number is 1314. Our sleeping arrangements are simple dirt floor with a bit of straw if we are lucky though most of the time it was sand. What rules were given was simple but clear do what you’re told, keep your mouth shut, and made by those who lived here longer never show weakness. For if you break any rules depending on what rules were broken you were either severely beaten or put to death in a slow and painful matter. The way they killed children was certainly by means the cruelest and most brutal acts imaginable by any living human. No matter the age the work was physically and mentally exhausting and really gave you any reason to live in the first place. There was never any quite for night or day for all you would always be surrounded by the cries of children from the abuse given from the guards or the owners of the camp themselves. As for some of us we were thankful for another day though we also prayed for death while in our sleep. These were the longest four years of my life.

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