Midnight war

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Afterward, I fetched the water from the spiked outside and boiled it so I could do the floors and then do the laundry. I looked to see the boy still under a tree and he looked to be sleeping. After doing the laundry I started boiling water for the dishes as I was waiting for me started washing the bed boards and wiping down the mattress. Afterward, I quickly looked outside and saw that it was close to hitting one in the afternoon. So I headed towards the boy and told him it looked as though Chris would be out longer and that he should start heading home. He nodded his head and went on his way smiling, I quickly went back inside and washed the floor and dried a section so I could put the stuff in the house. Thankfully by the time I got everything in the house again, the laundry was dry enough to at least fold it. I rushed through everything cleaning the dishes which I stuck in the middle of the floor. I put new salt everywhere and around the middle of the floor where I would be working on the dishes. I was done in time to lock the door and poured the water into a bucket and then started the dishes. Thankfully the cabinets were nowhere next to the windows so as I got a pile of dishes done I could put them away. After I was done everything I could do that day I took some things into the circle that I could use. I grabbed several candles and matches for light, a carving knife to protect myself, a blanket to stay warm, one of the bibles from a shelf and one piece of bread for dinner. Once it became dark the wind became to howl so bad that the window frames shook I was surprised that the windows did not shatter. The cottage began to sound like it was coming down around me. There where scratches at the door and sounded like screaming coming next to it.

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