Midnight war

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“Am I dead” I called out to the darkness, no one answered. But I heard footsteps coming towards me. “God please no more, I can handle anymore.” I cried out. “Don’t worry you are safe now, I am not going to let anything happen to you,” A silk voice told me in a low whisper. I thought it was my imagination until a hand laid on my shoulder. The silk voice came back and this time in my ear, but this time it sounds as though they were hissing. I sat up so fast that I knocked on someone or something over. My head felt very dizzy but I did not care I wanted out, I went running out the door but ran into someone else, and this time they did not fall over but held me tightly. “Young lady its OK we are not going to hurt you, you need to calm down.” I heard a familiar voice. The voice sounded like it came from the same person that attacked me which made me struggle more. Though no matter how hard it did I could get myself free, and the grip became tighter and tighter each time. “Grace! I know this is hard to believe but you’re OK, no one is going to hurt you anymore,” I heard Chris’s voice next to the door. “Gosh darn it, will someone please light the fire, or some candles so we can see!” he called out. I stopped struggling once a candle was lit on the right. I could see a man’s face with red glowing eyes which freaked me out so bad I froze. This man walked towards the fireplace and lit it. Once the light swarmed everything in the house I saw the face of the one who had me and Chris in his rain jacket. “A young girl like you should make sure to have something to protect yourself with.” The man with the red eyes and red robe exclaimed. Well judging by the way the place is Rick she did not have a chance to do even that.” Chris exclaimed while looking at the one who had me. “What the hell happened? Why did you attack her like that Devin? You could have killed her!” Chris yelled at him. “How am I to know that she is not the one that is out to kill us?” the boy called Devin asked “honestly how is someone like her going to kill us? She could barely move when you pinned her. A normal hunter would have been able to get out of you strangulation, she could not even move!” Chris continued to yell at him.

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